Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bruenig- Round 9- House 10

Welcome back to the Bruenig household. Residing here are Marsha, her husband Beau (Broke), their kids Brie & Cam.
Grilled Cheese sim Marsha lives in her house of cheese. :)
You'll have seen the ground floor lots of times during the rounds but rarely the upstairs, seen here. (You can click on any of the pics to make them a bit bigger).
Cam is the only family member able to listen to Marsha's love of cheese without covering his ears and running off. Which is good because Marsha loves to talk about cheese. A lot.
and when she's not talking about it, she's eating it, serving it, making it and influencing others to eat it/make it. Apart from that she occasionally spins wishes to have a bubblebath, drink coffee, play chess, blog about cuisine and arts and crafts and those are pretty much her wishes.
You probably recall that during someone else's round this time Beau became a vampire whilst at the Crypt 'O Nightclub. That's one evening he'll never forget.
Brie is home from college, and at this point I should apologise for the lack of Uni updates, I'll do a summary at the end of the round. Brie and her dad discuss their hobbies for a quick fix and re-roll of wishes.
Much as I love vampires I don't want Beau to be immortal and so he called the gypsy over and bought a potion to return him to 'life'.
He got invited on an outing almost instantly and he was happy to be able to go out during the daylight hours again and catch up with friends who thought he'd been ignoring them.
During the outing there was a scuffle over in the corner while Nina Caliente appeared to fall out with various lovers as well as her fiancé Abhijeet. We'll see how that works out during her next round- heh.
Cam had a wish for college, to play the guitar, stargaze and earn a scholarship. He's working on skills for college (which hasn't rolled away).
Once again Beau can sleep in his marital bed all the while dreaming about the life Vampiric.
Brie wished for a date, to ice skate,  to talk/play/entertain and be friends with Vito Caliente.
She took Amin Raymond (the maid) to the local ice rink and they shared a cup of coffee.
and more...
Cam got a big wish fulfilled when he went steady with Ivy Copur. He was going steady with Sally Oldie-Hanby but she left for college leaving Cam behind.
Beau rolled a wish to get a puppy or kitten. I think we have plenty of kitties in this hood and so more dogs need to appear!  Webster here strolled by and within a short space of time was available for adoption.
Marsha wanted to buy some jewellery and enjoyed playing games and chatting whilst at the community centre.
During their second date at the Crypt 'O Nightclub Brie and Amin got engaged.
Of course a trip to the Nightclub is never without action as Lily Terrano became the Count's newest victim. Ripley Dreamer is watching on as if to say 'Yep- been there, done that'.
As we only just left the Terrano's, Lily will have a long wait to return to normal.
It's the wedding of Brie and Amin.  See how Marsha gets a boost of points every time someone eats a Grilled Cheese sandwich? heh.
The party was a great success of dancing, playing, entertaining and playing pranks.
Quite the handsome couple.
The inevitable wish for woohoo on the wedding night, and the next morning. :D
A new pet was wished for by Amin and Brie and Buffy was adopted from the rescue centre. She will hopefully make good friends with Webster.
When left to their own devices they soon initiate wishes to 'play'.
Beau had a wish to gain his Gold badge in Gardening. It's taken a while as he only has a tiny garden but he got there.
Brie wanted another party and look, she can't keep her hands off her new husband! He's also a popularity sim but very grumpy so probably won't make friends that easily. His LTW is to become The Law. He never found the job but networked with a townie to get a job in Education for now.
During the party Cam got whisked away from the telescope. That'll be a nice scholarship for him to take to college.
This might be the last round that the Brothers' Broke are able to get together given their ages.
As the week comes to a close Marsha waved off Cam as he hopped into the taxi for college, leaving a slight void in her life.
But not for long!


A fun week at the house of cheese.

Marsha- Apart from the cheese related wishes, to play chess, take bubblebath, drink espresso, blog and buy jewellery.

Beau- His wishes were to play the violin, dance, get a pet, chat, earn Gold gardening badge, play the guitar. When left alone he always heads to the violin where he indulges his love of Music & Dance.

Brie- to date, entertain, play, talk, be friends with Vito, meet someone new. Her and Amin got engaged on their 2nd date and married soon after. She took a job in Showbiz.

Amin- Meet some new, make a friend, get a job in Law or Culinary (Law is locked). He has maxed cleaning and mechanical skills. Currently in the Education field.

Cam- Initial wishes were to get fit, stargaze, play guitar and earn scholarship. He mostly skilled this week and made best friends with Ivy. The abduction was a nice surprise on the Saturday night before he went to college on Sunday. (He was due to become an adult on Sunday anyway so I figured he may as well go earn a degree before we come back to the house).


  1. Did you build the House of Cheese? It's cool! :-D
    Quite the fun-packed round, with a very handsome couple of newlyweds indeed! Glad to see Beau did not have to spend the next million years or so as a Vampire. And how odd - a grumpy Popularity Sim!

  2. Hi, yes I did build the house of cheese. I tried to stick to yellowy tones, in the house and for the clothing. It always feels nice and warm but then yellow is my fav colour. :)
    Amin is 6 neat and although he's fully skilled in cleaning he hates doing it- I assume because he's so grumpy, it's been hilarious to watch him cleaning all my sims' homes when he clearly despised the job. :D
    Yes I think I want to let my sims age naturally, with a couple of exceptions, and Beau isn't one of them.

  3. Ah more vampiric activity, and aliens too! What fun, what fun. Looks like the cheesy house is going to start doggie breeding...that is great. Great pic of the Broke brothers together, my they look old. Congrats on the gold gardening badge! And a new little one on the way! Is there room for puppies?

    1. Hi Wen, yes I hope there will be room for puppies! I guess we'll have to wait and see, no family sims or cheesecake in the house so hopefully no twins, but you know my game- it's like it knows I'm a real-life twin and does it to spite me. :D
      I will be sad when the Broke brothers all perish, it has been really fun to play them all though in their different homes and ways.