Saturday, 15 March 2014

Goth (2), Round 9- House 11

Welcome back to the second Goth house,
This is a modified Maxis house and it's residents are;
Samantha Goth (Grand daughter of Cassandra), her husband Lucas (son of John and Jennifer Burb), one of their newly graduated twins Nova (Cass has moved elsewhere) and their newborn daughter Amelia plus dogs Jack, Jill and Smudge.
The first achievable wish for Samantha was to make best friends with her buddy Jihoon.
Samantha is a Family sim with a secondary aspiration of Romance- heh- this gives her many conflicting wants but is never dull.
Lucas has a LTW of having 6 pets reach the top of a career. He only has 3 pets and is hoping to do it with 2 careers for each pet.
Yes! It worked when Jill came home after reaching the top of her second career.
 Fortune sim (and nature loving) Nova had a wish to buy a community lot. A quick trip to the hood and a basic lot was created for him.
I said it was basic! haha. Nova stocked the shelves with his fresh produce and waited for customers to roll in.
Running the business on his own is hard work but Nova knows it's the quickest way for him to learn the skills needed.
He placed an energizer at the edge of the small lot and used it to carry on working until he was unable to replenish stock.
Once he's back at home and refreshed he helps Amelia with her birthday. 

Then he heads into the garden to harvest more crops for his market stall.
The 2nd storey was added for Nova, he also has a bathroom just off to the left of the pic.  He's shown no romantic desires and is happy to concentrate on his business as per his wishes.
As the twilight years approach (and helped by risky woohoo!) Samantha gets an unexpected surprise.
Lucas helped Amelia learn some valuable skills.
The dogs became elders and can enjoy their years a bit more after Samantha and Lucas wished for them to retire from their jobs.
Lucas has a Gold badge in Toymaking but even he sometimes makes 'bad' toys- poor Amelia tried out the 'dark' jack-in-the-box and got this memory,
I had no idea that a Sim could get a memory from this!
Samantha had a second daughter, Connie.
She aged to elder the very next day. Let's hope she's around long enough to see Connie grow up!  (Samantha kept her custom hair during the grow up process).
As Winter was fast approaching Nova visited his market stall as often as he could as he knew he couldn't provide the crops over the winter and would have to rely on his inventory stocks.
At the end of the week Nova could add the above accomplishments to his Gold Sales badge.
As the week drew to a close there were several more birthdays to celebrate,
Connie is a toddler,
Amelia is a child,
and Lucas became an elder!


Great week at the second Goth household. It was hard to pick the pictures this week as so much was going on, as is usual in such a busy household.

Ending wishes,

Samantha- Have good reputation, give gift, talk to relative, go on date.

Lucas- Sell masterpiece, praise dog, dance, buy things (lots of things).

Nova- Get silver restocking badge, best of the best award, earn cash, hunt bugs, go hiking, catch bugs.

Amelia- Make a friend, give love to Jack, praise Jack, give love to Jill.

Connie- Talk to Samantha, be snuggled, earn skill, grow up well.



  1. A great round, I can easily imagine how busy you were taking pictures and then decide on which ones to use with so much going on!
    I've always wanted a Sim to run a market stall with fresh produce from their own garden, but so far have not done it. Now I could see in your game that it works, and thanks to you, now I also know that the LTW of 6 pets reaching TOC works with three pets reaching TOC twice.
    Like you, I didn't know that Sims can get a bad memory from playing with a bad toy! Must check my Sims' memories more thoroughly now, I am sure several of them have had similar experiences :-)
    Thank you for showing the house, and Nova's room, I always love looking at what other Simmers have done with the same houses that I have in my game.

  2. Thanks, it was a fun round this time.
    I'm surprised at myself for never having thought of the fresh produce market before, as I have lots of sims garden because the crops are so useful. It is working well and does attract lots of customers- and it'll be nice to find the goods in other sims' backpacks when visiting their homes!
    I'm trying to show the houses off a bit more- it is a nice thing to do, :)

  3. I have done lots of flower shops (to spread those snapdragons around the neighborhood!), but I have never done produce. Just about every lot in my hoods have a garden, and after a while there is just so much produce it can't be used up. What a great idea to sell it in a store! ~ ASimwen

    1. It is a good way to get rid of the excess produce. You can sell it as soon as you harvest but that seems a waste. :D