Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gregory- Round 9- House 13

Here we are at the Gregory house- this is where the 2 plantsim sons of Alvin (Oldie-Hanby) Gregory live.
Now Alvin's LTW is to have 6 grandchildren and I thought this would be easy with plantsims, however sims being sims, they have their own wishes don't they?
Here are Thorn and Frond.  On the left with the full face mask is Frond- he is a Knowledge sim with a LTW to be the Hand of Poseidon.
His initial wishes are to talk to Melanie, Damian and Alvin and to get fit.
Thorn is a Popularity Sim with a LTW to have 20 best friends. His initial wishes are to get fit, have 5 best friends, be best friends with Gordon and best friends forever with Ripley.
This is the little house I built for them. As they are plant sims they have no need for bedrooms at present so it's just one large room, a bathroom, a balcony with a swimming pool, pond and garden plots outside.
They set about planting out a garden. It's a waste not to do so with them both having Gold gardening badges.
Thorn gets a nice boost of points when he makes his 5th best friend.
He got a job in Law Enforcement fairly early in the week and began his career as and brought friends home all the time.
At night he liked to hunt for glow bugs.
Frond preferred to blog about Nature while Thorn was busy working on his fitness.
If my back is turned for one second Frond is at the telescope while Thorn is busy on the karaoke machine.
The guys decided to have a housewarming party.
The karaoke was a big hit as was the ballet barre. Remington Broke has never actually been on a boat but he enjoyed bragging about it to Julien Cooke anyway- such a show off.

Frond took a job in the Education field until he found Oceanography. His wish was to use a pollen cloud on Samantha Ottomos. (Gross really).  Not sure she'll be coming back after that plant breath was forced upon her.
Thankfully Frond found the right career a day or so later and never had to bring Samantha home again.
Thorn brought Goopy (Gilscarbo) Pleasant home with him and rolled the wish to flirt with him.  As Goopy is a widow now and Thorn wished it I had to go for it.
They ended up having quite an evening!
Still no wishes to spawn plantbabies (not sure if they ever do) so the boys went downtown where Mrs Crumplebottom kept yelling at Frond for wearing his swimsuit in public.
Frond wished to flirt with Goopy. Uhoh.
It did not go down well with his brother Thorn, at all.
and for the next few days the poking, shoving and finally full on attacking took place, a lot.
The victories were equally split.
as was the enemy status.
So now they can't be within a few paces of each other without someone going for an all out attack.
Winter arrived on the lot,
and evil is in the air.
Well! So much for helping their dad with his LTW- these two hate each other and while that made for a fun week to play it wasn't very productive.
Maybe next round? heh.
At the end of the week though Thorn is a Lieutenant and Frond a Deep Sea Fisherman.


  1. Some very interesting developments there!! I didn't know about the Pollen Cloud, what does that do? Like you, I am not sure plantsims ever roll the wish to plant a baby.
    The house is great - you really are a very talented Sim-architect :-)

    1. The pollen cloud is a prank, it just emits a green cloud into the face of another sim. Sometimes they sneeze, sometimes they get mad depending on the relationship/personality.
      Thanks for the compliment, :)

  2. Hhahaha this entry made me giggle. That Goopy is such a trouble maker! Yes, plantsims will roll a wish for a plantbaby! I love playing plantsims. :) Maybe if these boys get in a good mood one of them will roll it!!!! ~ ASimWen

    1. Yes Goopy has a lot to answer for, that ol' Romancer. It's only the second time I've really played him in a 'hood so I'm looking forward to his round next time.
      Good to know that Plantsims do wish to spawn, I shall await that. I wonder if it's dependent on aspiration?