Friday, 28 March 2014

Marco Lothario- Round 9- House 15

Welcome to another new house joining the round! Fresh from college are Marco Lothario and his fiancée Cass Goth. (Both Marco and Cass are twins- Marco to Juan and Cass to Nova).
To recap- Marco is the son of Don Lothario and Kaylynn Langeraak and Cass is the daughter of Samantha Goth and Lucas Burb.
As they are both party loving sims (Popularity and Pleasure respectively) I wanted them to have a fun house built for parties.
I've always been a fan of the intro movie and was disappointed when the game shipped to find this house wasn't in the 'hood. So I built my own, using the same dimensions from the pool which as you can see is huge. :D
Marco's initial wishes are to be best friends with Erin and Blossom, tell an inside joke, make a bff, hustle pool and earn his Gold floristry badge.
Cass wishes to hustle pool, gain a skill, then meet someone new, talk to, entertain and play with them.
Does Cass look a little different to you? During her childhood and most of her YA life she looked like this,
She was born with a custom skin I had in my game but after the problems I had after round 8 I cleared out most of my downloads folder and the skin went along with it. So she's back to a normal 'Simtone' and looks like this,
I think she's a lot like her Grandma, Cassandra Goth now.
I didn't update you from college at all this round but know that Cass & Marco fell in love and got engaged during their college years.
Poor Marco had to be saved from death during college too, but I'll catch you up with that in the Uni update.
I decided that Marco had suffered enough as a vampire and had Cass buy potion from the matchmaker.
He took the Vamprocillin and reverted back to his tan skinned self.
He got to work on his Gold badge and earned it quickly now that he could stay up during the daytime again.
Marco's LTW is to become Captain Hero and Cass' is to be a Professional Party Guest. Neither job was available the first few days.
They headed to a community lot to buy new clothes and jewellery.
Then they threw a housewarming party.
Looks like Jules Broke is the bravest to try the diving board.
The bar was popular too.
The party went on into the early hours (without being broken up for a change) and was successful.
Cass and Nova chilled out in the hot tub.
At the break of dawn Cass had a wish to visit a community lot.
Marco met and made friends with Amin Bigfoot.
They both met as many new people as possible and made friends.
Neither have shown the wish to get married but they enjoyed dining out.
A wish for a pet was fulfilled when Marco adopted Alegra. They headed to the pet store and ended up buying a companion for her.
He's a cute looking dog called Curly. They got on like a house on fire right from the beginning.
While Cass had found her job in the Slacker field, Marco enjoyed training, commanding and praising the dogs as per his wishes.
Thanks to her full skills, friendships and college degree Cass got promoted after the very first shift. LTW achieved. She next wishes to reach the top of the Law career and found that job straight away.
As Winter came to a start Cass got into trouble for spying on our resident unfriendly neighbour Nina Caliente.
Sunday was family day. Nova stayed for dinner.
Earlier in the day Marco's mother Kaylynn came over- hmm, has Cass got something to tell her do you think?  Marco is busy talking to Cass' dad Lucas.
Marco's teen sisters Kaydon, Val and Tina showed the younger visitors how to hula.
The week comes to a close with the patter of not human feet, but pet paws- three puppies born to Alegra and Curly named Benny, Brina and Bea.
A fun week here, lots of parties and visitors. Neither Sim has shown a wish to get married but they do enjoy woohooing at home and in public but no signs of pregnancy even though Cass is thinking about it, a lot.
Marco got a job in the Medical field early in the week to earn some much needed cash (I gifted them some to buy the house) but found the job in Law Enforcement on Sunday. He starts as a Police Chief on Tuesday next time.
Next we're off to our final new house for round 9.


  1. What a great idea to build the house from the intro video!! I wish I had that in my game, too.
    This was a good round, congratulations to Cass for having achieved her first LTW so soon. She really does look like Cassandra Goth a lot.
    Vampires are fun to play only for so long, aren't they... it's a bit like what I am experiencing in my game with Plantsims, too.

    1. Well I packaged the house when I built it, so if you want it let me know and I'll email it to you, ;)
      Yes I like Vampires but they are rather restricted so it's nice to free them of the burden.

    2. Please do, if it is CC-free. My email address is

  2. OOOhhh gorgeous house! It does look alot like the one in the intro movie. Vampires are fun to play...yeah...just for a little while. I do like them to take vamprocillin eventually, they need to move on in sim life! Stylish everything here! For sure! ~ASimWen

    1. Thanks Wen, yes one thing I love about this game is the aging process and they are a bit stuck when they are immortal. :)