Thursday, 20 March 2014

Miguel- Round 9- House 12

Welcome back to the Miguel household.
The main character here is Ripley Dreamer Miguel (alien daughter of Darren Dreamer), she joined union with her partner Sophie. (They are both good witches).
Also living here is Alvin Gregory (Adopted son of maid Lucy Hanby), his wife Melanie Gregory and their sons Damian and Graham. Alvin also spawned two plantbabies who grew up last time and moved out- more on them in another chapter.
Let's check out the initial wishes,
Ripley wishes to woohoo in bed, cast 'Tempus Interruptus', buy a bass, see a wolf, reach maximum virtuousness and cast an evil spell (which if she does she won't reach maximum virtuousness'-lol).
Sophie wishes to reach the top of the showbiz career, get a gold Fishing badge, become a vampire, earn cash, go swimming and have a party.
Damian wants to sneak out with Meadow or Lowry, go to college and gain a silver Fishing badge.
Graham wishes to get to level 7 in creativity, talk about hobby, catch fireflies and play marco polo.
Melanie wants to see Damian earn a scholarship, talk and play with a Sim, have a baby, max skills and be friends with Nova Goth.
Alvin wishes to hustle pool, and then all things Grilled cheese. (For a secondary aspiration the Grilled cheese is fairly overwhelming with wishes!).
This is the Miguel household. It's another Maxis house renovated to accommodate the former college buddies of Alvin, Melanie, Ripley and Sophie and family.
Ripley and Sophie have the top floor where they work hard on their spells and ingredients.
It doesn't take either of them long to reach maximum virtuousness and Ripley is ready for her new spell.
At night time she chose to command the Tempus Interruptus spell. I've not used it before but it froze the time, and the remaining sims on the lot. Potentially useful if you have a sim need a skill point for a promotion that day and they are running short on time before the car pool. Of course that sim would have to be a witch or wizard, :D
While it's fun to try all the spells my witches tend to stick to useful ones such as summoning the spectral maid.
Damian got abducted and Ripley is the only sim who thinks it's hilarious.
Alvin and Graham had wishes to get a dog or cat so Alvin adopted one of the offspring from the Broke household.
Graham grew up into a teenager, and what a likeness he is to his brother!
Graham is a Pleasure sim and has a LTW to be a Game Designer.
He wanted a date of course and Kaydon Lothario was happy to oblige,
They had their first kiss.
I had to dye Graham's hair as it was getting hard to tell the two teens apart!
Melanie maxed out her skills.
Sports fans Ripley and Sophie took the teens to Dreamy fields. The boys also love sports.
I think Damian has the edge on skills though, for now.
The whole family like to dance. If my back is turned for one second they are dancing/slap dancing/hula and smustling!
Damian is good friends with Lowry Burb, he often brought her home from work.
Several of the residents are party lovers and so another fun party is enjoyed. It's a great way to catch up with friends and family. Look at Dirk and Lilith Dreamer in matching outfits, haha.
It's always good for Alvin to find a sim who will listen to his cheesey stories.
It's nice when a household gets a pet as wishes often revolve around training, praising and commanding them. You can see one of the spectral cats in the background too.
Sophie got a Gold badge in Fishing and got in the zone to boot.
Damian worked hard to complete his final skill and now he's ready for college.
First we have a triple celebration as Alvin, Sophie and Ripley become elders.
(At this point I had to quit without saving as look what happened)
lol. Poor Sophie ended up with a green head. I couldn't do anything to change it back.
I tried it again this time having Ripley age up after Alvin but the same happened to her, so only one thing for it.
I had to get Alvin to change back to a human.
Ripley as an elder.
She loves her glasses.
Sophie's turn.
A shot of all the guests,
Alvin too is an Elder.
There was just time later on Sunday to send Damian to University.
He picks his room,
and greets his cousin Hayley before she shows him around the dorm.
Wow, that was so weird about the elders aging up- I swear I tried about 4 times before I figured it out. I even had a vampire sim bite Sophie because I thought it would change the skintone, which it did apart from the green head, lol. I'd saved before the party so it wasn't that time consuming to do it over again.
It wasn't the most exciting household to play as they really are obsessed with dance even though most of them love the sporting hobby.  I got the dog to fulfil a wish and break up the monotony a bit.
Other achievements this week;
 Damian did sneak out (and got busted) and got a silver fishing badge.
Sophie is now an 'Idol', having reached the top of Showbiz.
Alvin got a Gold Fishing badge.
In round 8 this was the last house in rotation but this time we have 4 new ones joining the round so check back again soon for those updates!


  1. I liked that update and think it was exciting enough!
    Never seen anything like what happened to Sophie with her greenhead :-D
    The "tempus interruptus" spell is one that I think I have tried a long time ago, but not used since. I didn't know a Sim can wish to use a specific spell; my "magic" Sims usually just have the general wish of using a spell.
    I took a bit of a break from The Sims 2 this week and played Sims 3 for a change. Sunday night I'll travel to a different town for a course where I'll be staying all of next week, so no Sims and no updates from me for that time.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It's unusual for a sim to wish to cast a specific spell, which is of course why I did it. :)
      I don't have TS3 installed on my pc, it really makes me a bit motion sick playing it. :D
      Have a good week! :)

  2. I haven't played witches much. When I did get around to it, the family was very rich and could just buy all the ingredients needed to cast spells, not much was done over the cauldron. I have played a good witch, and a bad witch. Reading this episode made me think I should play test a witch lot just to see how they are played from scratch. Heh ~ ASimWen

    1. I rarely go to the good witch/bad witch castles to buy ingredients, must do that more often, heh.