Sunday, 23 March 2014

Verne Broke- Round 9- House 14

Here is Verne Broke. He's the second alien twin of Remington Broke and after graduation he moved to his own place.

This house originally belonged to Dina & Nina Caliente. Verne bought a couple of basic items and was left with only 633 simoleons. He needs a job!

His LTW is to become Captain Hero but Law Enforcement was not available so Verne used his degree to secure a spot in the Showbiz career. As he had full skills and lots of friends he began the career at an elevated level.
During his college years Verne fell in love with and proposed to Lucy Seifert. They met in the dorm. He invited her over after his first day of work.
Later in the evening he was asked on an outing downtown. He's thinking about adopting although hasn't rolled the wish for it. Family Sims!
Every outing to the Crypt O'Night Club lately has resulted in someone becoming a vampire but thankfully not this time!
Verne is hooked on Science and would be fascinated to visit the place where he came from.
Still no sign of the required career so Verne quickly rose through the ranks to become an Icon. By Tuesday evening he had 24,760 simoleons in the bank and could start to redecorate to his own taste.
This network he made will be give great discount for his new furnishings too!
Let's check out his new place,
His bedroom,
upstairs bathroom,
Lounge area,
Downstairs cloakroom.
He's got a black and white theme going on. :)
It seems that Sims do not roll a wish to marry a college sweetheart.
so Verne asked Lucy to move in.
Lucy is a Knowledge sim who really wants to get a job! Her LTW is to reach the top of the Science career. She didn't find any of those jobs so took a job in the Artist career for now.
They enjoyed a date which doubled up for Verne's wish to catch some fish.
Like Verne, Lucy loves Science. They'll be fighting for time at the telescope.
Looks like the family are coming over. Verne's dad Remington loves to visit.
It doubled up as the wedding party Verne wished for.
Everyone had a great time.
I can't believe that Verne's big half sister Eliza and her husband Adam didn't dress more formally though. They are too wrapped up in each other, clearly.
The party rocked and Lucy became the newest Mrs Broke.
I kinda wish I'd got them to get some decent formal clothes before the wedding but hey ho. :D
On Sunday Verne decided to put his career reward to good use and give himself a restructuring.
He gives a big 'whoop' at his newest feature.
He's finally got a nose!
Lucy too thought she may as well have a change,
I just changed Lucy's eye shape. (I was really trying to make it go 'wrong' but that never happens when you want it to). :D
We end the week after finding a new discovery in Verne's backpack. Will he use it? Find out next time!

Summary- a quick and fun week at Verne's.

On Sunday Verne did find the job in Law Enforcement- he starts next time as a Police Chief.

Other network 'gifts' this week for Verne were a free sample and higher wages when he was an Icon (from 5,022 to 5,0273 daily).

Verne's other wishes were to serve food, go fishing, buy coffee for someone, slow dance and make friends, best friends.

Lucy was all about skilling and science.

They have a total of 43 friends.



  1. Verne at last made that nose. He ought to had made it before the wedding.

    1. Yes I guess he should. I never really notice much as I do like the aliens but he looks a lot better now!

  2. Now, there's an idea for the many half-Aliens in my game - I just never think of making them try to get the career reward for cosmetic surgery!

    He he, she really wants a job... that made me laugh :-)

    That's a rather flash house now, with the chic black-and-white theme. I like it!

    1. Yes it would be great in your game as you have lots of aliens, a good way of distinguishing them! It does make such a difference to their look too as you can choose which features to change. :)

  3. Wow it was nice to see the Caliente house redecorated! I still play the gals in the original house, what fun to see it different, sleek, and stylish. I have NEVER done the plastic thinks I should work with the TS2 game and try to get it to work again so I can go back to ~ ASimWen

    1. I've only played with the surgery table once or twice before and it's quite funny when it goes wrong (muhahahaha).
      I think I made the girls' house just one tile wider than it was, so it's not much different on the outside but I'm into monochrome at the moment I guess, lol.
      Oh yes, I hope you can get back into your game, I miss your updates! :)