Monday, 28 April 2014

Uni update and Round 9 stats.

Some students from Round 9 are already graduated and a few remain in college- here's a quick rundown of their time here at the dorm.
Marco Lothario was quick to find love (autonomously) and he couldn't wait to propose,
to Cass Goth. (She's still wearing her 'custom' skin here although she no longer has it).
Marco liked stargazing- a lot.
His twin Juan found it much more hilarious to spy on the neighbours.
Juan wasted no time in making out with Wednesday Goth. It seems perhaps a Goth and Lothario may get together after all. ;)
Brie Bruenig was still at college when Wednesday joined and they became firm friends.
Brie also met her future husband Amin Raymond here when she hired his services.
Wednesday had a wish to join a Greek house and become a Big Sim on Campus. She always liked to look good and any moment not spent doing something else was spent primping.
As her years progressed she fulfilled many wishes and her and Juan got engaged.
Joker Juan thought it would be funny to influence his brother to turn Orlando into a vampire during a party,
"Here I go"...
Does Orlando remind anyone else of an angry bird?
"No I do not wish to become a creature of the night".
"My magic powers don't seem to be working".
"Oh man, that would have been such a cool party trick".
"My brother decided on his own trick of dying during the party but I couldn't have that even though someone was already sweeping up his ashes"
"Dude you saved me"
"Yeah it's a twin thing".
"Not the best memory from a party I've ever had". :(
Wednesday's twin, Fuller also joined the dorm and soon made 30 best friends.
He had his first kiss with a fellow dormie.
As Wednesday and Fuller were graduating Hayley Oldie-Hanby joined the dorm.
Hans Goth is here to see his twins graduate and what's this?
oh, another 'broken' LTW. Hans' was to see 3 children graduate but I guess he's happy with 2 and I'm not complaining! :D
I decided to have a second dorm on the go as the first was a bit full and so Hayley's twin Sally joined the dorm along with college students from the bins as well as zombie Erin and Cam Bruenig.
Cam was highly attracted to Klara Vonderstein but rolled wishes to flirt with Blossom.
They quickly fell in love after that.
William and Erin got together. I guess he has a taste for weird.
The beauty of having 2 dorms is that you've always got someone you can invite over for a great party.
All sims know each other and so all have been introduced to the Secret Society.
My personal rule for sims who join is that they must become Big Sims on Campus whilst there. There are always 8 sims on the lot so it's not hard to do.
Damian Gregory was the last to join the dorm in this round so we'll catch up with him, Hayley and the residents of the other dorm next time.
Uni Summary-
Yeah it was always fun and busy with so many in the dorm. This dorm has 11 rooms so I can always have a few dormies in there. The second dorm is the 9 room dorm that's in the bin/on campus.
Each Sim chose their own future partners and those that didn't dated the dormies if they desired.
I seem to have lost some photos yet again so in the second dorm Aldric and Sally are also engaged and set to move back to Sally's home. Hayley will probably move in as a roomie with Fuller when she graduates next round.
Final Tally from round 9 
I said last round that I wasn't keeping score but I am still keeping track of my Sims and their personalities. There were lots of deaths this time around particularly from the older sims and that will be the case next time around as we say goodbye to more 'originals'.
Stay tuned for round 10 coming soon.


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fuller Goth- Round 9- House 16

The final new addition to round 9 is Fuller Goth.

Fuller is the Grandson of Cassandra Goth (Parents are Hans Goth and Ivy Copur). He is a twin to Wednesday, who moved back to Goth Manor as the heiress.

This is the home I built for Fuller. He won't live here alone but will be joined by other various 'spares' in the rounds as time goes on.
The downstairs area is simple and stylish for our Popularity sim Fuller. He has a Lifetime Wish to become a Celebrity Chef and as luck would have it he found his job on Monday but doesn't start as a Restaurateur until Thursday.

Fuller's welcome wagon consists of Trisha Traveller, Gretchen the townie and Vito Caliente who Fuller most particularly wished to befriend.

They spent a pleasant afternoon getting to know one another.

One of Fuller's first wishes was to go fishing and so he headed to the local park to snag a bass.

As per his wishes he met and greeted new sims, played chess and watched everyone in amazement when a bit of hail came down. Sims are so dramatic.
After that he wanted to buy some clothes and befriend as many sims as possible.

Amin Bigfoot became another new friend.

It seems Kaylynn Lothario can't help but be drawn to Donny Burb (whose father was Don Lothario- Kaylynn's husband). No Kaylynn, that would just be wrong on so many weird levels.
After he'd got home he got a call from Trisha inviting him on an outing and even though he was exhausted Fuller decided to grab a quick coffee and head to the Crypt O' Nightclub for an evening of fun.

The next day Fuller's Culinary hobby saw him wish to win a cooking contest but I didn't think he'd fare well with burnt lobster, so he cooked a fresh batch.

There was stiff competition with the head chef's cooked Ribs, Eliza Broke's lovely Baked Alaska and the bartender's xmas cookies...

Fuller made it though and got himself a nice rosette, a few funds and a fair few dirty looks from the sore losers.

Fuller hadn't shown any romantic inclinations up to this point but found the bartender to be most attractive.

So much so that he was inclined to purchase a love potion.
and they enjoyed a nice date, but neither had any desires for commitment.
On Thursday after just one shift at work Fuller became a Celebrity Chef. His Lifetime wish is fulfilled and he bought Mario Caliente home from work.
Fuller's next LTW is to become The Law and as that job wasn't yet available he fancied a life of Adventure and started as a Hostage Negotiator.
Fuller decided to throw a party to celebrate.
He entertained his guests with a tale from the Far East.
There was a lot of dancing, pranking and merriment.
The police broke up the party, as they most often do in Pleasantview.
I wonder if it's determined by personality of the Police officer? heh- maybe we need a more 'fun' cop in Pleasantview. :D
Fuller's next wish was to win a dancing competition where he had a dance off with his friend Mario. He won. Yay.
Having 30 best friends is Fuller's next big wish that is locked in and so he spent every minute he could making new contacts and friends.
Dustin (Broke) Terrano was obviously spilling the beans about his almost life-of-crime back when he was a lad.
On Sunday it was family day and all the Goth's came along.
They enjoyed a nice dinner and some dancing while Fuller caught up with the younger members of the family. But where is Mardy?
"busted kid...............!"
"This game is more fun than jumping all over my bed with your baseball boots on!.."
Mario, Vito, Monica and little Maria came for a visit too.
"These kids are so easy to please".
As the guests leave Fuller starts clearing the yard after the mysterious wolf appeared and started digging holes.
Fuller found his job in Law today too and will start next week in his quest to become The Law.
Great fun week here. Fuller went on lots of outings and had parties. He is close to his impossible want of 30 best friends.
Hopefully he won't be alone in the house for long but who will join him next round?

Stay tuned for a Uni update from round 9 and a summary of Sims.