Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Caliente- Dina, Round 10, House 3

Welcome back to Dina's house. Of course Dina is no longer with us, nor is her husband Magnus but their offspring remain.
This was the house Dina moved to after her and Nina went their separate ways back in round 1. Let's see who remains of her relatives.
Eldest son and head of the household Vito. He just became an elder watched on by his wife, former college student Monica Bratford.
Dina also had twins, Mario and his (eternally teenaged) sister Arianna.
Arianna- "Who took my bed?"
"Was it you brother?!"
"Or you, big brother?!"
"Or maybe it was you?!"
Also living here are Vito & Monica's children, Maria and Eduardo.
They are about to have birthdays...
Maria rolled to be a Family Sim with a lifetime want to become Captain Hero.
Eduardo's wishes on growing up were to get an A+, make a friend, jump rope and buy a toy dog. (The first time I've ever had that wish roll up!).
"This is the best birthday ever! Welcome to the house little Goofy".
Of course it's usually left to the adults to do the not fun jobs such as actually feeding the pet.
...and cleaning out it's pen.
There are other pets here too, Eliza enjoys watching 'pet rescue' on tv.
When she's not having kittens that is. Her mate Darcy doesn't care to watch the birth of his kitten William.
Romance Sim Mario is always getting invited out and what better way to boost friendships than with a tale of the Far East?
Or a good barbecue among friends,
Followed by the old standby of public woohoo!
Not content with one lady, this Romancer put the wishing well to good use,
and got date,
after date.
Of course it wouldn't have been that way had Jordan the Diva wanted to marry him,
But after several dates and outings early in the week neither rolled the wish to become betrothed and so it was not meant to be.
He's a good Uncle though and enjoys spending time with his nephew.
Even teaching him some new skills.
Meanwhile Maria is very close to her Aunt Nina. I think she's hoping to inherit her Aunt's house.
She's close to her little brother too and helped him with his homework.
Because their Mother was pregnant again and eating the contents of the fridge.
Maria- "eww it's just gross for our Mum to be having a baby!"
Eduardo- "Where do babies come from...?"
As Maria got older and took a look at her own aspiration she realised she too might be wanting babies but settled first in finding a partner.
She thought Mardy Goth was cute.
But liked one of the Oldie-Hanby twins more! Charlie I think this is.
On Thursday Monica had a second daughter, Elsa.
Dina came out to haunt.
So did Magnus and Midnight.
Poor Eduardo made a puddle.
"It was the dog!"
and passed out before he could reach his bed.
Magnus and Midnight play even in death.
Liza had a second kitten this week called Wilma.
Little Elsa became a toddler on Sunday and enjoys spending time with her Daddy.
While Mario's love life gets ever more complicated!
      Always a fun week at this Caliente home.
I only got one 'Goofy is starving- you'd better feed him' message which I thought was pretty good considering I forgot about him most of the time. I can see the toy dog would be quite good in an apartment or college where the space is more confined.
The kitties were all sent off for adoption ready for the next time someone rolls a 'raise 20' wish.
Ending wishes,
Vito- see rain, become a witch, talk to Fuller Goth and Samantha Goth, go swimming and buy a highchair.
Monica- Maria gets a scholarship, go hiking, earn 100K, blog, catch bugs, birdwatch.
Mario- Have public woohoo with 3 different sims, be best friends with Donny Burb, bff's with Eduardo and Marco Lothario.
Maria- Be bff's with Eduardo & Aunt Nina, best friends with Fuller Goth, Go to College.
Eduardo- Get an A+, be bff's with Mario & Maria, gain 8th body skill point.
Elsa- Grow up well, be played with, talked to and tickled by Monica.


  1. In all of New Maximiliania, there is (so far) only one toy dog, and that is the one at the college dorm where I recently played with the Newsons, Ottomas twins, and other playables.

    I don't think I've ever had a pet ghost and Sim ghost on the same lot, so this is the first time I see them playing together in their ghostly shapes!
    Looks like a fun round to play, with Sims of all ages and such diverse wishes to fulfill.

    1. It's fun to see ghost Sims and pets interact.
      It was a fun and very busy household!

  2. Vito is still good-looking as a elder! and there is one new update at my blog(not a actual update but a notice)