Monday, 19 May 2014

Goth- Round 10- House 2

Welcome back to The Goth household wherein reside;
Hans Goth, son of Cassandra & Nicholas Goth. 
Initial wishes- See my son Morgan gets scholarship, play with and entertain a new sim I meet, hustle pool and see my youngest son Mardy get an A+.
Ivy Goth, wife of Hans and mother to Wednesday, Fuller, Morgan and Mardy.
Initial Wishes- Talk to someone, see a ghost, earn some cash and see Mardy get an A+.
Wednesday Goth.
Now I'm home from college I want to get a job either in Politics, Music or Education (even though my LTW is to become a City Planner), meet someone new, entertain them and make friends with my zombie associate Erin Wren.
Juan Lothario- fiancé of Wednesday- son of Don and Kaylynn Lothario.
I want to hustle pool, work out, meet someone new and entertain them. Perhaps get a job in Dance or making coffee. Heh- my LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest so I'm going to look out for the Slacker career. 
Morgan Goth.
I want to sneak out with my buddy Noah Pleasant, go to college, go steady with someone and entertain someone.
Mardy Goth- I want to talk to Marco Lothario- Juan's twin brother. I also want to meet someone new, earn a skill point and make best friends with Graham Gregory.
Campbell Goth- son of Cassandra & Nicholas Goth and twin to Hans.
I want to sell a masterpiece, play with and entertain a sim and be friends with Marco Lothario.
Pluto Goth- alien offspring of Campbell.
I want to learn to go on the potty, then have my dad talk to, play with and snuggle me.
Here we are at the Goth Manor. I don't know why I have a tree on fire- it's a permanent thing until I go into buy mode and when I go live again it's not on fire until I leave the lot and come back.
It adds to the mystery of the Manor I suppose.
Juan got lucky and found the job as a Slacker. It really will suit his lazy personality. His fiancée Wednesday also found the job of her dreams in the Architectural career.
With the house needing more rooms I added a basement and raided the closest for more appropriate clothing.
Ivy was happy to have her daughter back at home.
Lots of wishes were fulfilled when Mardy got his first A+.
After teaching his son potty training Campbell soon became his best friend.
Morgan was having such a fun night out with his friend Noah until the police turned up to bust him.
He got into such trouble with his parents but they forgave him when he got his final scholarship and headed to college.
Juan, the prankster enjoyed meeting the members of his fiancée's family.
Pluto entered childhood but was unimpressed with his new hairstyle.
He did love the new pirate outfit he got as a gift though.
His brother Mardy enjoys talking weather related issues with Tulip Terrano.
Regardless of aspiration all the Goth's seem to enjoy learning new things.
Since the installation of the basement the original ghosts have started coming into the house.
Its not that funny.
No-one is getting much sleep.
On the plus side we never need a maid.
Having her degree helped Wednesday reach her LTW really quickly. Her next LTW is to reach her Golden Anniversary and as that is a long way off she decides to start a family as soon as possible.
She soon got pregnant and treated herself to a new hairstyle.
Juan too earned his LTW and could look forward to a lifetime of even more slacking.
Campbell had a mad wish to get engaged during a date with Jessie from college.
I'm not sure why Adam Broke (nee Pleasant) is unhappy about the engagement. Perhaps he dated Jessie whilst in college? He's a happily married man now though.
 Campbell soon forgot he was engaged and wished to go out with another of his regular dates.
Juan missed his old college buddy Nova Goth and invited him on an outing.
They went to Baliwood Star Lanes. (if it looks familiar it's from the Sims Life Stories).
Juan won the bowling match with his superior striking power.
Hans got old.
He wasn't so thrilled about looking old though!
Ivy too- although she kept her dark hair as I don't have the grey version. :D
hmmm, when Hans & his wife Ivy were canoodling Juan suddenly came in and got very upset about it.
I'm not sure that's the best way to treat a potential father-in-law.
Thankfully baby boy Gale made an appearance to pause the silliness.
Juan wasn't too thrilled at the idea of changing nappies so handed Gale to Ivy.
Who then handed him to Campbell.
But Campbell was going out with a bunch of friends- one of whom included Nina Caliente- oh dear, I can spot at least 3 lovers of hers in this picture.
The party was going great until one of Nina's lovers made a grab for her right in front of Campbell- who is also a lover of Nina's.
Also in the party were Sinjin the townie and Guy Wrightly-who were not happy at the going's on. 
There was a lot of slapping.
and the outing went downhill faster than Franz Klammer.
Juan was perhaps enjoying too leisurely a life and got a demotion from a chance card.
It's a double celebration party,
Mardy became a teenager and rolled to be a Romance sim.
He loves his new look!
His Uncle Campbell got old.
He and his twin share their life stories as the winter begins.
The week ends with little Gale becoming a toddler.
In amongst all the partying at least one person in this family knows how to take life seriously.
oh... maybe two!

As always with big families it was an action packed week.

Hans, Ivy and Campbell have all been perma-platinum for some time and were only controlled a little. Campbell more so for his many outings and dates.
Campbell also aged a few days later than his twin as he didn't go to college and so stayed a teen a little longer than his sibling.
Morgan went off to college where he joins the Lothario sister's et al and we'll catch up with them soon.
Cassandra & Juan are also both perma-plat. I totally forgot about Juan's mother Kaylynn's wish to see 6 kids get married so I will try and remember that next time around. They neither showed wishes for it but didn't date so maybe next time.
Mardy & Pluto were busy skilling and making friends and I wonder how Mardy will fare next time when his teenage Romance hormones kick in? Hopefully pretty well as his LTW is to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers!




  1. Ok so I put a basement in the Goth house too! Had to! That is weird about the ghosts coming in then. The only ones that come in the house in my game is Mortimer. Wow such a busy house. But those are the most fun!

    1. oh I thought maybe it was the norm when I'd disturbed the original building, lol. Guess not- I'm amazed that no-one has died of fright yet. :D

  2. Are Wednesday, her fiancé and son going to stay at the house? It does look pretty full now, but on the other hand, Morgan is at college now so that leaves a bit more room.

    How did you get the community lot from The Sims Life Stories? I quite like some of the houses from there, but am too lazy to try and rebuild them myself :-)

    As you said, an action-packed round, as befits such an active family! Love the mysterious burning tree, it is suitable somehow.

    1. Yes I've chosen Wednesday as the 'heir' so she will stay in the house. I've got plenty of 'spin off ' houses for now. :)
      I found the Bowling lot on the Sims2 website way back when. Someone had recreated it. I have it on file if you'd like me to email it to you. :)
      I haven't played Life Stories in ages, although I have it. It might be fun to try and recreate some lots. :)

    2. Oh yes, please send me the Bowling lot! I have installed the house you sent me the other day but have not had yet occasion to use it in my game, I hope to find suitable owners soon :-)

      About 2 years ago, I re-installed Life Stories on my computer and meant to start playing each household there in rounds, just like I do with New Maximiliania. But I did not want to neglect New Max for very long, and so eventually gave up on the idea. It still is at the back of my mind, though.

  3. I want the Bowling lot :D my gmail is ;) and yay for Juan and Wendsay for their LTW's :)