Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lothario- Round 10- House 1

Welcome to the start of round 10 here in Pleasantview!
This is the Lothario household. Don passed on some time ago but his wife Kaylynn and their 6 children live here. Eldest twins Juan & Marco left for college and have since graduated and moved on but remaining here with their mother are twins Val & Tina and two younger daughter's Kaydon and Celeste.

Kaylynn gives a wave and hearty cheer as she returns home from her job in the medical profession. Her LTW is to marry off 6 kids. (I must remember that- heh).
Initial wishes were to see a wolf, see a ghost, get a skill and befriend Cass Goth. - wish fulfilled- get skill.
Val and Tina (pink skirt).
Val wished to go to college, sneak out, ask someone on a date and play with someone. - wish fulfilled- sneak out.
Tina wished to be bf's with Jihoon, go out with Jihoon, get fit and go to college. -wish fulfilled- go out with Jihoon.
The good thing about going out rather than sneaking out is you come back at midnight and don't get told off even if you get tired out. heh.
 Kaylynn recently got her Gold badge in gardening and talks to her plants all the time.
Kaydon wished to earn the extra-terrestrial scholarship, go to college, be bff's with Celeste and go out with Noah Pleasant. -wish fulfilled- be bff's with Celeste.
Celeste wished to get an A+, Bff with Kaydon, play with Bonkers and be friends with Amelia Goth.
-wish fulfilled- play with Bonkers.
While Kaylynn worked on getting another skill for a promotion the girls conscientiously settled down to their homework.
Val enjoyed a date with Charlie Oldie-Hanby.
The girls brought friends home from school most days.
Kaylynn remembered where she hid the cordless 'phone so that the teens couldn't spend hours using it...
Celeste inherited her Mother's love of gardening.
Tina was still working on her 'getting fit wish'.
when suddenly the rug, and soon half the living room, caught fire.
of course Kaylynn being Kaylynn (and me being me) could not help but intercede.
and Kaylynn saved Tina's life.
The fire department turned up after all the drama, naturally. :D
It was Celeste's 13th birthday the next day,
Like all Don's children she is very beautiful.
Celeste rolled Knowledge and wishes to become a First Class Ballet Dancer. Initial wishes were to gain skills, catch fireflies, have first kiss and buy a cellphone.
-wish fulfilled- catch fireflies.
Kaylynn and her daughters, left to right, Val, Celeste, Kaydon & Tina.
A family get together. Donny Burb (son of Lucy Burb & Don Lothario). Kaylynn's twins Juan and Marco, Bradley Burb and others...
The occasion?
It's Kaylyyn's birthday!
They all laugh their heads off at Kaylynn's wardrobe choice and strangely enough Kaylynn's first wish was to buy new clothes!
-wish fulfilled- buy new clothes.
better. :)
Whilst there the girls brushed up on their pool playing skills while Kaylynn cemented some old friendships.
The girls worked hard on skilling.
and on Sunday Val & Tina joined the dorm at college.
As all the other students except Cam Bruenig graduated in the second dorm, he moved into this dorm for his last year.
Val got a new dress to suit her Pleasure aspiration whilst Tina changed her shirt and will wait for Cam to whiz her up a nice new outfit on the sewing machine.
Back at home the 3 remaining Lothario ladies continue their wish fulfilment and this is where we leave them until the next round.
Summary- a good round for the girls.
Kaylynn is still working her way to the top of the Medical field. She hasn't shown any desires to go out with anyone or fall in love.  She did wish to teach Bonkers new tricks.
Val- Had a couple of dates, sung karaoke (a lot), bought cellphones and met new people.
Tina. Smustled, hula'ed and slap danced. Wishes to fall in love and have first kiss.
The twins never lost the wish to go to college so off they went.
Kaydon- skills, skills, earn money, buy stuff. go to college.
Celeste- skills, earn scholarships, make friends.


  1. I love the picture of the girls all settled down for their homework! And who can blame Kaylynn for instantly wanting new clothes after she age-transitioned in the "contessa" dress :-D

    1. I know that dress didn't suit Kaylynn at all! lol.

  2. My elders rarely grow up into sensible outfits. Sometimes I leave them in their funny clothes just for the heck of it. (thinking of Dustin Broke). LOL Yes, Don makes beautiful children! Amazing the original Lothario house is still in use and raising all those kids. Wow!

    1. I know, it's a struggle in that tiny house, lol.
      I do often leave them in their 'grow up' clothes until the wish to buy new ones appears. ;)

  3. Yeah Don makes beautiful kids and Celeste looks a lot like his daughter that he had with Cassandra in my game

  4. I forgot to add this to the last message but in my game Cassandra and Don's daughter Melissa looks a lot like Celeste but different hair styles , Melissa has brown eyes while Celeste has green and different clothes