Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Uni Update - Round 10

Those who have graduated,
Erin Wren, resident zombie.
Graduated 4.0
Gold Badge in Floristry and Silver in Gardening.
Family Sim.
In love with William Williamson.
Klara Vonderstein.
Graduated 4.0
Gold badge in Robotics
Knowledge Sim.
No romantic inclinations.
Spends lots of time at Will's Garage.
For now the girls have moved into a house with,
William Williamson,
Graduated 4.0
First love was Erin Wren but he's open minded.
Fortune Sim.
Almeric Davis.
Fortune Sim.
Likes selling masterpiece paintings.
Graduated 4.0
Blossom Moonbeam.
Graduated 4.0
Silver badge in Gardening.
Family Sim who cannot wait for her fiancé Cam Bruenig to graduate and move in with her to this lovely house she just purchased.
Sally Hanby,
Family Sim.
Graduated 4.0
Gold Badge in sewing.
Her fiancé Aldric Davis,
Graduated 4.0
Loves selling novels.
He and Sally have moved back to Sally's parents' house where we will have to put up with their outfits for quite some time before we reach their wardrobes!
Still at Uni,
Hayley Hanby (twin of Sally) is just throwing her graduation party.
All done. Graduated 4.0 Literature
Gold Gardening Badge.
I gave her a new look as she was moving into the 'spares' house with Fuller Goth.

Damian Gregory (son of Alvin Oldie-Hanby). He likes Adriana.
A lot.
He wasted no time in proposing.
Or with anything else. :D
Tina Caliente is a Family Sim. She recently flirted with Holden (background) and found herself being kissed by Jack. (All happened autonomously).
Ouch! Now she finds herself being mad with them both.
and vice versa.
Meanwhile her twin sister Val wasted no time in dating! Her life is devoted to pleasure and she intends to enjoy it.
Guy Wrightley helps her with her first kiss.
Whilst on their date they witnessed a fight between Hans Goth and his daughter Wednesday's fiancé, Juan Lothario.
Oh dear, it seems they truly do hate each other. I wonder if Wednesday knows yet?
I just had to put this pic in of Mrs Crumplebottom smiling! haha. Just as Mario Caliente and Jordan the Diva are making out too.
Cam Bruenig is in his senior year and just can't wait to graduate and move to the new house with his fiancée Blossom.
His skills on the sewing machine earn him credit with his dorm mates when he makes them new clothes.
Morgan Goth is the last sim to join the dorm. I thought his transition outfit was hilarious and kept him in it.
As her first year went on Tina found herself drawn to Frances J Worthington, who was always hanging around.
So I decided to start playing him on rotation with the dorm.
What's the cow mascot up to?
Oh, she's taken a fancy to Morgan and he isn't refusing.
Must be the outfit. :D
Frances J had an outing with some of the Greek house kids, and Monica (Bratford) Caliente came along too.
Frances J is chatting with Sarah Love, Jessie Pilferson is at the pinball machine while Monica bows to Guy Wrightley and Matthew Hart finds it all very amusing.
Frances J wished to buy a Florist bench and so is working on his Bronze badge.
He also joined the Secret Society and became the last of the current bunch of playables to join and become Big Sim on Campus.
(I'd never noticed before but when a sim is being handcuffed their lip quivers).
On that lip quivering moment we shall leave our Uni kids and be back soon with another update.

oh, in the UK Frances is the feminine form of Francis. I guess it's different in the USA? Or maybe his parents' wanted a girl? lol 

Nina Caliente- Round 10- House 3a

Welcome back to Nina's house! She has been living here since the beginning of Round 2 when she left the home she shared with Dina.
Dina of course died some time ago and Nina has lived longer owing to the fact that she was a vampire for some time.
The back of the house is home to Nina's hot tub, pool and a couple of her career reward items as well as a bath for Jake the dog.
As Nina says goodbye to Sinjin, her date for the day, her fiancé Abhijeet is walking by.
Damage control. :)
While she's at it she may as well do it for every sim she upset during the last round... Benjamin.
oops. I don't remember Nina ever being in love with Jordan the Diva but maybe she fell autonomously during some outing or other.
Guy Wrightley
and Campbell Goth.
There, that should save the trash/newspaper for the week.
Finally before the day is over Nina can get down to some wish fulfilment! Goopy, a former lover and now Mr Pleasant (married to Angela & Alexander's daughter Amaya, who sadly died last round) walked by and was greeted. 
He rejected Nina's wish for some hot tub lovin'.
"Prude" says Nina.
yes, quite.
Goopy was happy enough to have food playfully thrown on him though but still wouldn't give up any action Nina's way.
She had a wish for new clothes and set off for the community lot.
Whilst there she spotted widow Remington Broke and knew that he liked her.
But not enough for public woohoo it seems!
Poor Nina.
Nina cheered up the next day when her new maid Alan Pai arrived. He was voodoo-ed by Nina for Romance. :D
They enjoy a 'romantic' few hours.
and Nina changed into her new outfit.
Nina invited her favourite great-niece Maria over. She started to give her the contents of her inventory.
Jordan invited Nina on an outing downtown.
As soon as they arrived the Countess appeared.
whew, she picked Komei.
"Sigh, I remember that rush as the blood left my body way back when" says Nina.
"Fried chicken Komei? I thought you'd want a rare steak!"
The next morning Nina invited Remington over for a date.
A massage was offered...
and more...
Poor Remington rolled wishes to marry Nina during their date, but that won't be happening.
Later Nina had a date with Alan the maid who changed into a pink shirt for the occasion.
Nina has no more achievable LTW's so I am aiming for 50 1st dates as a personal challenge.
I think Alan is number 46.
The next day Nina invited Lee McGaw over for a date.
If you look really closely you can spot Abhijeet 'the stalker fiance' Deppiesse through the window.
Lee played very hard-to-get but Nina used a lot of smart glasses to snag him.
Later newly graduated zombie Erin Wren walked by,
with her roommate and love of her life William Williamson.
"Oh Erin it's a shame I didn't greet you, but William, helloooooooo!
Come inside and see my etchings..."
"ok, so it's more a photograph than an etching but wasn't I a hot fox?!".
Yes folks, he really fell for it.
Another outing and another wish to voodoo someone.
Roger (in the snakeskin jacket) was the instigator of the outing but Nina chose to voodoo friendship with Fuller Goth as she's friends with all the others.
Nina and Roger got friendly
 But he rejected her advances.
Nina contented herself with making some new contacts being quite drawn to Randy Butler.
"Why does this guy keep coming around here?"
He's your fiancé?
"Oh, right".
Nina and Randy had a great date.
Well it wasn't all fun.
Later that night,
oh, Amin!
When Officer Dorian had gone back in the house Nina snuck outside...
and released Amin from the car! Well, he was an old flame.
"You just let the notorious gangster Gordon 'The Hoodie' King go free"
"Oh bugger, I thought it was Amin Bear, the notorious ex-lover of mine...
"Lecture, Lecture, Lecture, blah blah blah."
oops- me bad. :)
After that excitement Nina spent some time stargazing and
into the early hours until it became 'looking at neighbours'.
Great, that's another friendship we have to repair.
At least we know who will take the mantle from Nina when she goes... :D
Nina decided to throw a party, and was amazed that Officer Dorian accepted her invite.
She soon voodoo-ed him to a happy place.
She spent some time giving gifts to her relatives, nephew Mario and his sister-in-law Monica (Bratford) Caliente.
That evening she had a call from a Gavin McCullough asking her on an outing. Only 2 exes of Nina's were here this time!
They had a fun night of bowling and merriment.
The next morning while playing with Jake, Tyson came to stay from the islands.
He became first date number 50.
Dorian was number 51.
and Gavin McCullough was number 52.
Nina had Maria over to give her gifts as well as asking her to adopt Jake. She knew her Great Niece had a houseful of pets and would look after the little guy.
and with that Nina bids us farewell on her 84th birthday.
We will miss her.
It was interesting that I gave Maria the deeds during one gift giving session but it seems that Mario will inherit Nina's holiday home anyway.
It would be fair to say that Nina knew just about everybody!
With that I got this because there are no more playables in the house,

and then Death did this, 
Had a good look around Nina's house before...
Using the bathroom!
Who knew that death had a bladder?!
Aww, *Sniff*. Nina has never died in my game before but I had so much fun playing her- I think she earned her rest. :D
I messed up with the burglar- never thought to look and see his name- (Gordon and Amin look very similar in my game). Ha ha, oh well.
To keep the outings with Nina's various lovers peaceful I kept them away from Nina, if one of them made a move to flirt or kiss her I cancelled it out and so kept the peace.
Jake was trained in another skill and petted, fed and washed, lol. I just thought he'd be better off at another house than being taken to the animal shelter after Nina died.
I should've counted the amount of smart glasses and voodoo uses I suppose. There were a lot, probably one set of glasses for every date.
Nina never got a memory for '50 1st dates'. I suppose that's only if it's a LTW.
Maria now owns the voodoo doll.
Next up is a quick college round up and then we're off to The Broke's!