Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Uni Update - Round 10

Those who have graduated,
Erin Wren, resident zombie.
Graduated 4.0
Gold Badge in Floristry and Silver in Gardening.
Family Sim.
In love with William Williamson.
Klara Vonderstein.
Graduated 4.0
Gold badge in Robotics
Knowledge Sim.
No romantic inclinations.
Spends lots of time at Will's Garage.
For now the girls have moved into a house with,
William Williamson,
Graduated 4.0
First love was Erin Wren but he's open minded.
Fortune Sim.
Almeric Davis.
Fortune Sim.
Likes selling masterpiece paintings.
Graduated 4.0
Blossom Moonbeam.
Graduated 4.0
Silver badge in Gardening.
Family Sim who cannot wait for her fiancé Cam Bruenig to graduate and move in with her to this lovely house she just purchased.
Sally Hanby,
Family Sim.
Graduated 4.0
Gold Badge in sewing.
Her fiancé Aldric Davis,
Graduated 4.0
Loves selling novels.
He and Sally have moved back to Sally's parents' house where we will have to put up with their outfits for quite some time before we reach their wardrobes!
Still at Uni,
Hayley Hanby (twin of Sally) is just throwing her graduation party.
All done. Graduated 4.0 Literature
Gold Gardening Badge.
I gave her a new look as she was moving into the 'spares' house with Fuller Goth.

Damian Gregory (son of Alvin Oldie-Hanby). He likes Adriana.
A lot.
He wasted no time in proposing.
Or with anything else. :D
Tina Caliente is a Family Sim. She recently flirted with Holden (background) and found herself being kissed by Jack. (All happened autonomously).
Ouch! Now she finds herself being mad with them both.
and vice versa.
Meanwhile her twin sister Val wasted no time in dating! Her life is devoted to pleasure and she intends to enjoy it.
Guy Wrightley helps her with her first kiss.
Whilst on their date they witnessed a fight between Hans Goth and his daughter Wednesday's fiancé, Juan Lothario.
Oh dear, it seems they truly do hate each other. I wonder if Wednesday knows yet?
I just had to put this pic in of Mrs Crumplebottom smiling! haha. Just as Mario Caliente and Jordan the Diva are making out too.
Cam Bruenig is in his senior year and just can't wait to graduate and move to the new house with his fiancée Blossom.
His skills on the sewing machine earn him credit with his dorm mates when he makes them new clothes.
Morgan Goth is the last sim to join the dorm. I thought his transition outfit was hilarious and kept him in it.
As her first year went on Tina found herself drawn to Frances J Worthington, who was always hanging around.
So I decided to start playing him on rotation with the dorm.
What's the cow mascot up to?
Oh, she's taken a fancy to Morgan and he isn't refusing.
Must be the outfit. :D
Frances J had an outing with some of the Greek house kids, and Monica (Bratford) Caliente came along too.
Frances J is chatting with Sarah Love, Jessie Pilferson is at the pinball machine while Monica bows to Guy Wrightley and Matthew Hart finds it all very amusing.
Frances J wished to buy a Florist bench and so is working on his Bronze badge.
He also joined the Secret Society and became the last of the current bunch of playables to join and become Big Sim on Campus.
(I'd never noticed before but when a sim is being handcuffed their lip quivers).
On that lip quivering moment we shall leave our Uni kids and be back soon with another update.

oh, in the UK Frances is the feminine form of Francis. I guess it's different in the USA? Or maybe his parents' wanted a girl? lol 


  1. Mrs Crumplebottom was probably smiling because she had a chance to bop someone else with her purse. She seems to live for that sort of thing ;)

    Grats on all the University successes.

    1. Yes you are right, it's probably more a smirk than a smile!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Hm well my mother-in-law's name is Frances. (rest in peace) I have seen that in the game and think that it was just programmed wrong.

    1. Yes I think so too, adds to the funny quirks of the game. :)

  3. I guess it is just one of several typos you find throughout the game, in some of the catalogue descriptions and chance card messages. There is also the wrongly spelled name of Issac Bell - it should be Isaac.
    Never mind! It was fun to see what your Sims were/are up to at uni. I really should make more of an effort to send my students to community lots and not keep them at the dorm all the time (which tends to get a bit boring anyway).

    1. Yes there are quite a few typos aren't there?! I've never played the Bell's so hadn't spotted that one. :)
      I like to mix things up at Uni to stop it from being mundane, :)