Monday, 14 July 2014

Broke- Round 10- House 4

Welcome back to the Broke Household.
This house is across the road from the original Broke house. Brandi moved her family here after they outgrew the trailer.
Brandi of course is no longer with us and living here at present are her former maid husband, Remington, their daughter Eliza, her husband Adam (son of Angela and Alexander Pleasant), Eliza and Adam's son Barnabas and one of Remington's alien twins Jules, as well as various dogs and a cat.
Remington's initial wish was to tell a joke to his son Jules.
Eliza's initial wish was to buy some new clothes. Whilst at a community lot she spotted her husband's Aunt Lilith fighting a townie.
Even after Eliza bought herself a new top Lilith was still picking a fight- and lost it too. :D
She was home in time to help Barnabas celebrate becoming a toddler.
Remington was scared by his dead wife Brandi.
The next morning he woke with a wish to maximize a skill, and it turned out to be the last skill needed until he knew-it-all.
Everyone rolled wishes to train little Barnabas and so they all taught him one thing.
Jules is looking fairly sneaky here but he's just off to steal back his gnome that some prankster stole earlier in the day.
Last time Eliza and Adam put their college degrees to good use and got jobs in the Showbiz career. It wasn't long before they reached the top which left them lots of time to pursue their hobbies- Gardening for Eliza and Music for Adam.
On Wednesday it was Remington's turn to head off into the unknown.
He left a nice inheritance to friends and family.
I remembered to take a quick photo of the family tree thus far. The alien twins were born to Remington after his 2nd abduction.  Carter was the youngest member of the original neighbourhood in that he was not yet born but was on the way. It's funny to see he and his brothers as elders now.
After a death came a birth. Vivian joined the household and I had no clue as to who her father was!
A quick check of her family tree shows that her Mother Skippy had a liaison with local wolf Balin. So we have our first half-wolf cub/pup.
Pleasure seeker Jules may have already collected his 50 1st dates but that doesn't stop him seeking more.
Adam is a romance sim but since he's been married he's become quite boring and just rolls wishes to paint and train the dogs.
He did get pelted by some rather large chunks of hail during a storm and when in a bad mood but nothing else happened. (Though a death-by-hail would be a first for me it wasn't to be).
He invited his mother Angela Pleasant over but got annoyed when all she talked about was the time he got busted for sneaking out as a teenager. C'mon Mum, move on!
Barnabas is allowed to snuggle Vivian under the watchful eye of her Mother.
Jules dated Nancy, the college student who has dated pretty much everyone in the 'hood.
They were enjoying a nice candlelight dinner upstairs and alfresco,
Whilst downstairs Harry Oldie-Hanby became the latest victim of the Countess. I think his wife Christy was turned earlier in the round so they will have even more in common. :D
Jules then wanted to fall in love with Willow, which was turning out nicely until Nancy showed up with a bouquet. Ouch was all that can be said.
After that he was hungry again and wished to make Baked Alaska.
With no smoke alarm I decided to sit back and watch...
Several items were burnt to the ground before Adam rushed to take Barnabas out of the room.
The babies were safe anyway.
At this point I woke Eliza up and had her call the emergency services.
But it was too late for Jules who perished.
Meanwhile outside somehow Adam caught on fire.
But he was saved.
Unlike the kitchen except for one unit.
I'm not sure who scared Eliza but bad timing! Enough drama for one night.
The next day Harriet died of old age.
One goes- one grows...
and Eliza threw a successful birthday party for Barnabas.
He's happy with his makeover.
On Saturday Adam wished to buy a vacation home and then visit it.
He bought the Pearl Mist Estate in Takemizu Village.
At this point Eliza was pregnant again (darn Risky!) and so couldn't do a great deal on the vacation.
But they had fun regardless.
It took me a lot of attempts to get Adam to learn to teleport. I would normally have given up by that time but his wish did not roll away and so I was determined to fulfil it. :D
Returning home Vivian grew up and got some interesting colouring.
and we said goodbye to Benny.
Remington's ghost came out to play.
I decided that this house was no longer worthy enough for 2 Showbiz Icons to be living in, and so I took the decision to relocate Brandi & Remington's tombstones to the local cemetery.
and I sent the 4 ghost dogs to a pet cemetery that I created.
and in the early hours of Monday morning the Broke family moved yet again.
This house is worthy of their status now and we shall look into it and see how they fare next round.
Another action packed week. So much happened it was hard to pick.
I was a little surprised at Eliza's pregnancy but then she did date her husband a few times to stop him straying!
Lots of deaths what with Remington, then poor Jules and the dogs.
I thought a new house would not fare well with 'old' ghosts so moving them seemed the least buggy solution.
Next up we're visiting the Dreamer's!



  1. Action-packed indeed!! Unusual for me to see a fire somewhere else than my own sims' homes :-)
    Is death by hail actually possible?
    The family tree pictures were very useful. Do you make them by using "print screen"?
    Looking forward to seeing more of their new house!

    1. Death by hail is possible though I've yet to see it.
      I did use 'print screen' to take the picture, then added it to my paint program to put in the names.
      I'm looking forward to playing the house too, a friend built it and I've had it a while so it will be good to see it in action.

  2. yes death by hail is actually possible, hasn't happened in my game but i have seen it in a couple of other blogs can't remember whose.

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