Monday, 2 March 2015

Dreamer- Round 10- House 5

Welcome back to The Dreamer house! It's hard to believe it's been over a year since I blogged their round 9. For a catch up, click here
Here are Dirk and Lilith (elders) with their pregnant daughter Lyka, and pregnant-by-alien-abduction Son-in-law Randy. Looks like Lilith has just received some inheritance.
Also living here is Dean, Dirk and Lilith's only son. He wished to see a ghost and Grandpa Darren is happy to oblige.
Dean's wife, Servo Dream1E has just reached the top of her second career.
Lyka wished to make a friend.
Whilst Randy wanted to gain a body skill. He enjoys being weightless in the water with that pregnant belly.
Meantime Dirk & Lilith head to the store to get some new warmer clothes before Winter sets in.
Of course their daily woohoo wishes ensure they never get cold. ;)
Last round saw a Butler hired, but the Sentrybot doesn't think much of him at all. :D
Poor Dean got a demotion from being a Guild Leader when a chance card didn't go his way.
Luckily little sister Lyka went into labour which distracted him from his misery.
Everyone was home to celebrate the arrival of baby girl Deanna.
Later that same day Randy went into labour...
An alien son Daya was born into the household. Dirk seems very happy about that. Perhaps it reminded him of his teenage years when his dad Darren was whisked to the skies and his half-sister Ripley was born!
The next couple of days were a whirl of nappies, cuddles and the odd 'I need a shower now to feel like a Sim again'.
 Both Dirk and Lyka learned Parenting skills,
and while he was a hands on Grandpa for a couple of days it was sadly time for Dirk to slip his mortal coils in Pleasantview.
The youngest original member of the house leaves behind widow Lilith (who inappropriately is busting a move rather than grieving (only Lilith eh?)) and his son and daughter. His oldest daughter Lily married Blade Terrano and we will visit them later in the round. *sniff, bye bye Dirk*.
But Sim life must go on and before you know it Deanna is a toddler and enjoys grabbing Daley the cat for cuddles. (or strangulation- it's a close call).
Daya too grew up and helped Grandma Lilith to pass the time while still thinking of her lifetime love.
Not sure what it is about former townies but they seem pre-programmed for danger!
eeks, that's got to hurt, again. First time was in college.
A little overcooked but safe nonetheless. :D
Dean just finished harvesting the plants before the frost killed them all.
While Dream1E is dreaming of a new job perhaps.
oh goodness, I'd forgotten about Risky Woohoo!
Happily for some there is no danger.
Poor Lilith took some days to get over her beloved Dirk. She decided to become the life and soul of the party once more by throwing a joint birthday party for her new grandkids.
She was so happy to have old and new friends filling the house again. Dean is getting the blame for something here, not sure what. :D
Deanna is fascinated with her Aunt Lily. I'd forgotten she got turned into a vampire sometime during the round.
Here's Deanna after her makeover.
Half-brother Daya joins her in childhood. The party was so much fun.
Well for some more than others it seems.
and Angela Pleasant should count herself lucky that cowplant ghost Phil whatshisname scared her, thus saving her from a similar fate as he. :D
As the party wraps up so does this weeks' round and while Darren and Dirk may no longer be playable, they are certainly here to stay!

Because it's been so long since I played this family I just guessed from the pictures what they'd been up to. (Having misplaced my notes).
I've always like the Dreamer's and it seems odd that Dirk is no longer around but he definitely had a full and fulfilled life with Lilith and his children.
Next up we are visiting the Pleasant family.


  1. Aaaw, bye.bye Dirk! Poor Lilith, I always feel sorry for the widowed spouse. So good to see TS2 back, though :-)
    I don't think Angela was in any danger from the cowplant; it seems to eat only townies.

    1. Thanks, and you are quite right, I don't think Angela was in danger of being eaten. :)

  2. Woo glad to see you back!!!!

  3. welcome back. I need more blogs to read.

    1. Thanks Peachy. I have lots of blogs to catch up with myself. :)

  4. The kids are cute :) and where did u get Lyka's pajamas?

    1. Thanks Chrissy. I made Lyka's pj's. :)

  5. I have a few updates on my blog and here's one :)

  6. Lilith Pleasant Dreamer, the twin that survived 2015.
    BTW How old is Lilith now?

    1. Lilith is 77 now. She's one of just 6 'originals' that are left.
      There's Lucy Burb- 76, her husband Carter-75 (he was Brandi Broke's unborn son when the game starts).
      Dustin Broke is 82 and I'm amazed he hung on the last round- I imagine he'll go fairly quickly in round 11 as his age bar is all the way to the end.
      Beau Broke is 75 as is his wife Marsha Bruenig (formerly annoying child who always called!).
      So I think Brandi would be pleased to see her boys are hanging on as long as they can in Pleasantview! :)

  7. Don't disrupt the space-time continuum Lilith, Survive Q4 2015!

  8. Will Lilith be alive by the end of the year?

  9. Where did you get Liliths Black top from

  10. lol, I can see you are a back to the future fan :)
    I have no idea how long Lilith will live- we'll have to wait and see, of course they do have a cowplant.... :D

    I got Lilith's top from ModTheSims. Here's a link to the page,


    1. Yeah well I haven't played the family since this post so she was bound to make it :D