Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Oldie-Hanby, Round 10- House 7

Welcome back to the Oldie-Hanby household. Sometime during this round both Harry (son of Herb Oldie and former maid Lucy Hanby) and his wife Christy (former townie) got turned into vampires autonomously.
Harry's initial wishes; Be cured of Vampirism, Buy Vamprocilin D, Become a werewolf, go swimming, entertain, praise Abbey.
Christy's wishes: Get a Bronze sewing badge, Be cured of Vampirism, see Lucy's ghost, meet someone new, woohoo in bed.
Harry & Christy have twin daughters and twin sons. One of the twin girls Sally has graduated and returned home with her fiancé Aldric Davis in tow.
Sally's LTW is to become a Business Tycoon. Initial wishes are, have 30 best friends, get fit, get a job in Politics or Architecture.
Aldric's LTW is to become a Media Magnate. His wishes are, Have 5 service best friends, have 30 best friends, be friends with Harry and Christy, entertain a sim.
The first thing Sally did was go to a mirror and have her rather long hair cut a little. It doesn't 'bleed' into her outfits now but she still kept the hot pink colour.
The twin boys, Harley and Charlie are teenagers.
Initial wishes for Harley are, Be a vampire, go to college, earn a skill and meet someone new. His LTW is to be a Prestidigitator.
Charlie's LTW is to become The Law and his first wishes are, Go to college, go steady with Maria (Caliente), go out with Maria, go out with Kaydon (Lothario).

Harry fulfils his first wish when he buys Vamprocilin D from the Gypsy...
and the second when he is no longer a creature of the night.
He gifts Christy a vial of Vamprocilin D and she too returns to normal.
Although Sally has been overweight since a teen she has never shown any wishes to get fit until she returned home. Aldric too had become rather chubby and so joined her in a yoga session.
Sally finds those washboard abs. Her and Aldric got engaged and so we know what is coming.
 Their wedding day! Lots of friends and family attended.
Lucy's ghost decided to come and and haunt during the wedding dinner. Sally and Aldric's old college buddies don't look too impressed. Or maybe they are a bit scared? heh.
Sally and Aldric were busy posing for their wedding snapshot,
and didn't attend much of the party, so keen were they to consummate the marriage!
Lucy's isn't the only resident ghost. The first nanny who arrived got eaten by the cowplant and her green ghost comes out regularly to haunt.
I turned the twin girls' former bedroom into a room for the newlyweds using Lucy's old bed. She doesn't look too impressed.
Abbey the dog isn't pleased to see Nanny's ghost. Nanny doesn't scare too much but she floats around bemoaning any other family living here.
Charlie got a big wish fulfilled when he asked Maria to go steady.
His more studious brother was happier when skilling.
Charlie has a big circle of friends already and was always bringing someone home from school. This is Mardy Goth, grandson of Cassandra.
Harley became an overachiever with the combination of his A+ report card and reaching the top of his teen career.
Charlie gets very little sleep as Lucy's ghost is so active.
It's a good job Christy stocked the juicer with plenty of Pepper Punch!

A now pregnant Sally teaches Abbey some new tricks.
Aldric has the sorority girls over, DJ Verse and Sarah Love enjoy spending time out of college with their buddy.

Sally reached the top of her career and reached her LTW. Aldric found his job on Thursday at the computer. Sally's new LTW is to be Captain Hero.

Aldric was invited on an outing and his new friend and father-in-law Harry joined him. While Aldric was busy making new friends Harry took time to catch up with his old friend Lilith Dreamer.
Late one night a heavily pregnant Sally got scared by a ghost.
A short time later her son Andy was born.
Christy and Harry dote on the newborn. They are always going to pick him up and tuck him in.
On Saturday night Harry fulfilled a wish when he got nibbled by the resident Leader of the Pack.
I tried the 'summon wolves' interaction but don't think I will again as all these wolves turned up and several started fighting. It really slowed the lot down!
I was hoping Abbey might take a liking to one of the wolves but she slept through the whole visit. :)
During the day though Harry returns to normal and is able to help his kids with their skills.
On Sunday there is just time to see Andy turn into a toddler before the week ends.

It really was a crazy week here. I had a couple of glitches but nothing that didn't right itself.
I find the main problem now with the 'hood being so big is that parties often crash the game if I invite too many Sims. (Often I not only invite the allowance but then call other Sims separately to invite them too).  So I will stick to the allotted number in future.
I also have taken Risky Woohoo in bed out of the game. The option is still there for cars/photo booths and the hot tub though.
At the end of the week neither teen boy had the college wish but hopefully it will be there for the next round. We will see!
Other achievements. Christy gained Lifetime Platinum. She earned her Bronze badge in Sewing.


  1. Yay for werewolves!!!! Yay for vamps...and then getting cured. I have never done the 'summon wolves' interaction before. Interesting!

    1. I have done the 'summon wolves' before but don't recall getting quite so many appear!
      One of these days I will try again with a 'multi' sim. The furthest I've got was an alien-zombie-vampire-plantsim. ;)

  2. That was a great week indeed, with so much happening in such a short space of time!
    I like it that the initial wish for one of the teenage boys was the opposite of what his parents wanted - he wanted to be a vampire, while his parents wanted to be cured of their vampirism. So typical for a teenager-parents-relationship :-)
    It's been a very long time since I've last seen a werewolf in my game. I don't think there ever has been one in New Max so far. And I certainly have never seen so many wolves at the same time!

    1. You are quite right about the teen/parent relationship! I could have had either Harry or Christy bite Harley but I never thought about it at the time. :D
      The werewolf sim has a few advantages- he can train pets in a shorter time than a normal sim and as you saw he can summon wolves- he can howl at the moon.
      On the downside he loses his personality- I've kept a note of what it was and will document it as it changes. :)

  3. I haven't had any werewolves yet in my megahood. Perhaps I might have hood with aliens, wolves, plantsims, and vampires.

    1. oh yes peachy. I think every hood should have some of everything. :) Aliens and Plantsims are my personal favourites. :)

  4. I love Witches and Vampires :) and where did u get Sally's awesome outfit?