Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pleasant- Round 10- House 6

Welcome back to The Pleasant house! If you've forgotten what happened in round 9 it's here
Residing here is Angela Pleasant. She had a wish to work out.
Angela's husband Alexander (Goth) finally got his makeover chair back from Stella Terrano. He set to work on his Gold badge by making over some townies.
Teen Ivy Copur thinks she'll have more fun as a cool blonde.
Angela & Alexander's Grandson Noah put his Great-Grandad Daniel's career reward to good use when he wished to get fit.
Noah's father is Goopy GilsCarbo. He married Noah's mother Amaya but last round she got crushed to death by a satellite and Goopy got abducted by aliens- he's not looking too happy about it is he?
As Alexander cleared the garden of leaves the satellite and gravestone are all that's left of poor Amaya.
Goopy got a small makeover from Alexander (the glasses, heh) and went off to his job in Law Enforcement.
Angela greets a passerby while Romance loving Goopy and his Romance loving son Noah both greet potential dates.
Noah's wish is to have 5 loves. He already had 2 from the last round. This is 3.
and 4....
and 5.
Uhoh. That was short-lived.
 One of the Lothario girls (a love from the last round) was not impressed at Noah being on another date.
"and that's the rest of the week with me kicking over your trashcan you two-timer!"
Thank goodness she doesn't know it was five-timer. :)
Veteran Romancer Goopy had more sense than to go out- he kept dates to his bedroom as he didn't like surprises.
Heh- now that's what you call a surprise!
I wasn't sure how much room there was in the house as one of the cats just had 3 kitties but I guess there is enough room. The 3 kitties were sent off to the adoption pool.
I can't say I'm too impressed with the way the Officer is holding one of the poor kitties though!
Noah stayed home for a few days fulfilling skilling wishes and making some best friends. That's 10 now.
Angela had a wish for a party and an Anniversary party was about the only one she hadn't thrown. All her old friends were here- Carter and Beau Broke, Stella Terrano and Samantha Goth to name a few.
A few gifts were exchanged.
Angela and Alexander can never keep their hands off each other for long and apart from their nature hobby wishes always wish for each other, be it talking, hugging, kissing etc.
After the party broke up they went outdoors to tend the garden- still dressed in their finery. Classy huh?
The next day...
Twins!  A green boy and girl for Goopy! Welcome to Leo & Lynx!
Grandparents get a room please!
 Goopy still finds his ghost wife to be hot.
and his Grandmother-in-law scary. :D
Birthday time for Lynx & Leo.
Even though the twins aren't blood relatives Alexander wished to train them.
and that was the last thing he did before he left this Sim life.
Never far behind was his beloved wife Angela.
Now that the Romancer's have the house to themselves it looks like there will still be plenty of action!
Aww, it was sad to say goodbye to Alexander & Angela but they had great and fulfilled lives. Alexander did fulfil his wish to get a Gold badge in making over Sims while Angela kept up her friendships and had a few parties.
Goopy and twins! Oh my goodness. The only time I've played Goopy before he also produced twins. I should have known. :D
His LTW is to woohoo with 20 different Sims so I'm working on that.
Noah has shown no wishes to go to college even though he often wishes to skill. He should become an adult next round if he doesn't roll for college.
Next up we are visiting The Oldie-Hanby household.


  1. Alexander and Angela made such a lovely couple! Yes, it is sad to see them go.
    Loved reading this update, it made me so look forward to getting back to New Maximiliania soon! Currently playing the last half day to complete a week at the next-to-last TS$ household... Never thought it would take me so long with so few families.
    Stella Terrano's outfit at the party is very nice!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Stella's outfit is from one of my favourite download sites.
      I have yet to put TS4 back on my pc but might do after I finish round 10.
      Looking forward to you getting back to New Maximilania as well!

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  2. nice to see the pleasants, shame about the deaths. But they seemed very happy to go.

    1. Yes they were a happy couple peachy. It'll be interesting to see if their Grandson Noah ever settles down or if he will plump for a life of Romance. :)

  3. Wonderful update ;) and Angela and Alexander make a nice couple :)

    1. Thanks. I've never played them as a couple before and they were a good match. :)

  4. Dang how did I miss this update? Wow so Alexander and Angela gone. I see your comment about TS4. I am playing that for a little before I go back to TS2.

    1. Yes it's sad to see the Original Sims die of old age. I've played Alexander so many times before but he's never died of old age I don't think, so this is a first. :D
      I'd be interested in your TS4 musings if you are blogging them. :)

  5. It a shame that Amaya die in the last round, had she lived in this round, I think she would be less than 10 or between 10-20 days from elderhood.

    1. Yes I think you are right. The satellite death was very sudden and at first I didn't know if it was her or Goopy.

  6. I am also thinking of what Amaya might look like as an elder

    1. It's one of the things I like most about The Sims 2, the aging process. We'll never know I guess, unless maybe someone resurrects her, ;)

  7. Where did you get Amayas hair style from?

    1. Is anyone going to respond to this question?

    2. i haven't replied as I have been looking for the hairstyle for you Jack! I'll try and locate it in my files and get back to you :)

    3. Jack, I've found the hair files for you. I don't have your email address anymore so if you could post it here (I'll delete it afterwards) then I can send you the files. :)

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  8. Also how old was Angela when she died?

    1. Angela and Alexander were both 82 when they died. :)

  9. R.I.P Angela Pleasant
    28/2/12 - 12/3/15 (DD/MM/YY)

  10. Could this be a repeat of what happened in Round 6, with Lilith avoiding death in 2015, but Angela being not so lucky?

  11. I've found out that you can revive sims that have died of old age using the genie lamp.