Friday, 3 April 2015

Burb- Round 10- House 8

Welcome back to The Burb household! If you want a catch up of Round 9, it's here
Residing here are;
 Lucy and Carter Burb. Lucy is John & Jennifer's daughter and Carter was the original 'unborn' child of Brandi Broke. Their youngest child Lowry is a teen and is unimpressed with her parents display of affection!
Lucy & Carter's son Bradley who wished to write a novel so he's drinking pepper punch to keep himself awake.
Bradley's college sweetheart and now wife Regina the Vampire who is just about to go into labour!
Not forgetting Lucy's son Donny, who was the result of her fling with Don Lothario. You can see the likeness I think and just like his biological father Donny loves Romance and loves to date.
Regina has a baby girl who is called Belinda. Welcome to the 'hood. :)
What the? A very short time later we witnessed the tragic death of Regina.
She wished to swim and Donny was already in the pool. They started to play Marco Polo and before you know it Regina's needs plummeted. I just got her out of the pool and hoped to energize her but it was not to be.
Farewell Regina.
It was the saddest thing for Bradley to have to sweep his wife's ashes into the trash compactor.
Poor Lucy couldn't help burst into tears, even when her friend Lilith came over.
Carter & Lucy both decided to retire so they could help look after baby Belinda.
It also gave them more time at Master of Chi, Lucy's 5th and final business.
After a good session of Tai Chi Lucy joined her guests for a cup of tea whilst Carter usually headed for a game of Mahjong.
Bradley threw himself into work where he gained a LTW of reaching the top of the Gamer career.
Lowry threw a party and got ready to blow her candles out into adulthood.
As a Pleasure sim her initial wishes were to meet someone new, date, play with, tell a joke and talk to someone.
Belinda's birthday followed soon after.
Lowry changed into an outfit her brother Donny made for her as a birthday gift.
When Donny wasn't busy sewing or working he spent his time dating. This week he dated Sandy Bruty.
Marylena Hamilton the townie.
and his favourite standby date Erica Jayapalan. These two have been on countless dates but neither shows any wishes to take their relationship further.
On the plus side Donny has an inventory full of date gifts.
Meanwhile Bradley threw himself into work often bringing home his good friend Dean Dreamer.
Keeping to his wishes he worked hard writing and selling novels.
and of course spent lots of time with his daughter teaching her valuable life lessons.
Although Regina is no longer part of Belinda's life she is always around to watch over her.
Lowry had started quite high in her career but a chance card soon saw her fired.
While she waited for her career to come back up (Education I believe it was for her LTW) she threw herself into skilling.  (Perhaps wearing the thinking cap might have been quicker?). heh
Yes Lucy and Carter spend all their unscripted time dancing together.
Finally finding her job again Lowry brought home the resident neighbourhood Bigfoot and soon befriended him.
I sent Lucy & Carter off for a spot of night time fishing. Can you just make out the ghost of doggie Grace by Lucy's feet? A little later John's ghost came out as well and started playing fetch with Grace.
Lucy's business was going great, most of the time remotely managed from home as she had a Manager in place. But when she made an appearance she was thrilled to get a good review.
All too soon the weekend was closing in and Belinda was ready to become a child.
She enjoyed the guests, music, dancing and most of all cake.
The next morning she chose a new hairstyle and couldn't wait for daylight so she could go out and play for it had started snowing!
Her and her barely clothed uncle Donny made a cool snowman.
Funnily enough though it was Belinda who almost froze to death.
She soon warmed up and sat with her Grandpa as he wished to gain a cooking skill and she wanted to learn about Physiology.
As Lucy and Carter were aging fast Lucy's thoughts turned to her business and decided she wished to start transferring her perks to Lowry.
Sunday was here and Bradley wished to see his daughter get into private school. Everyone played a part in chatting with the Headmaster.
But it was perhaps Grandpa Carter's piano concerto that sealed the deal.
Anther great week at the Burb's with the exception of poor Regina dying.  I didn't try too hard to save her though with her needs being so dire I think it may have been almost impossible anyway.
Other accomplishments this week were Belinda gaining a Bronze fishing badge, Donny getting Gold sewing and Bradley getting a Gold in Gardening.
We also had quite a few parties in keeping with the Burbs' wishes.
At the beginning of the week when Inheritance from old friends kicked in Lucy inherited from 4 friends, Alexander & Angela Goth, Dirk Dreamer and Remington Broke.
Carter gained Inheritance from 5, Nina Caliente being the difference from his wife.
Next up will be a University update.


  1. Yay, a great morning coffee read for me, thank you :-)
    So Regina went out in daylight on her own initiative? In that case, I would not have saved her, either (you know me - I usually lean back and let things run their "natural" course when it comes to such events).
    I keep looking closely at how your houses are furnished and decorated, always happy to nick an idea here or there.

    1. Yes Regina really did head out to the pool on her own. I was busy with the other Sims in the house and didn't pay much attention until it was too late. :D
      I do the same with décor- it's nice to see how others utilise the furnishings. :)

  2. It seems all the originals are dying and the younger ones are maturing. I would have tried to save Regina but that's just me. i don't like to see my sims suffer.

    1. I am surprised that the Originals are still here this round! Some are gone of course but some have been granted extra time I think which is nice.
      Yeah I'm trying to be a bit tougher with my Sims to keep the population of the 'hood down. :D

  3. I feel bad for Bradley and Regina most importantly :'( and were did u get Lowry's teen outfit?

  4. I know, I felt bad too :)
    Lowry's outfit was either the Teen pack or The Sims Store. It's Maxis made anyway. I have a lot of Store items on file if you, or anyone else would like them :)

  5. I have all ep's and sp's ;) and here's a update

  6. Wow Regina wanted to swim badly, huh. Well You can only keep a vamp for so long if they never wish to turn back. Her daughter Belinda is a cutie though!

    1. Yeah I don't really want any of them living forever as it's generational or I'll end up with someone marrying their great-Grandmother or something. :D