Thursday, 16 April 2015

Uni Update- Round 10- Halfway Point

So we're halfway through the round and it's time for a Uni update.
Currently in Uni are Cam Bruenig, Val & Tina Lothario, Morgan Goth and Damian Gregory.
I'm also playing Francis J Worthington as he is in love with Tina Lothario.  I used the Tombstone of L&D to change Francis' name back to the correct spelling as it was bugging me. :D
Cam is almost graduated and spends his last few days at the dorm skilling up and having outings with his friends.
He threw a graduation party and set off back to Pleasantview where he moved straight in with Blossom Moonbeam who he fell in love with before she graduated.
Whilst at a gathering at Francis J's place Morgan Goth and the Cow Mascot got very friendly but here she always gets zapped by the securitybot and he has no chance of getting to know her better because of this.
Instead he set his sights on someone more accessible, experienced and who was slightly less sleazy. Following his wishes he and Professor Ally Kimbrell were engaged.
Damian was in his last year at the start of this play and invited his family around. His dad Alvin was the adopted son of Lucy Hanby and is half brother to Harry Oldie Hanby.
Damian got his gold badge in Gardening.
Being more studious than some of the others he had no wish for a party and so grew up right there in his beloved college garden. He headed back home.
Francis J had some quality play (easier with 1 sim!) and won a cooking competition.
He had a wish for a vacation and so I used up most of his money on this one.
He got lucky and won 1000 simoleons which helped toward the cost.
When he got home he completed several skills and a badge or two in Floristry. He also got in the zone at Sue's (Secret) Kitchen.
Fun loving Val mainly had wishes to date, hula, dance, blog and play darts. Pretty much every day.
Because she dated all of her housemates at least 2 of them found each other out and fight all the time. :D
It was a little easier if she dated off lot but not always. :)
Campell Goth was only too pleased to date and enjoyed the college house as he never got to go in his youth.
Val's twin Tina also loved to dance, make pottery, talk about hobby, sew a project and garden.
She took over from Damian as resident Gardener. I like to keep the juicer filled for an easy skill or boost of energy when required.
 Here the twins talk about their hobbies whilst Holden jumps on his enemy.
The ghost of Rico Caliente (son of Nina) has been out a lot this week and scared everyone at least once.
Everyone loves to socialise and when they aren't chatting on their phones they invite friends over. Here is Tina chatting with the remaining greek house girls.
The week ends at Francis J's party. He has lots of friends too and must encourage that Secret Society member to change out of her graduation gown, usually influencing them to 'bathe' does the trick.
At Francis J's the time flies quickly and while I started playing him after the dorm he's almost caught up and should graduate next time with the Twins who are in Senior year now.
It seems no one has joined college for some time, I guess no one had the wish for it during the first half of this round.
Next update will be at The Terrano house.


  1. or not many are old enough to go to uni. Sometimes it is easier just to let them do what their want and then to control them. It doesn't bother me that they spelt Francis wrong.

    1. You're right Peachy, I have a lot of young Sims at the moment. :)

  2. This was a fun read - it's been a while since I last played a college household! What a good idea to correct the spelling on Francis' name - I think I'll do that, too.
    By the way, the lot debugger has served me well recently: I've been playing the lot where Ty Bubbler and Sam Thomas live and run a home business ("Bubbler's Bakery" at the moment). More than once, I've had a problem there with "out of stock" signs that mysteriously appeared at the entrance of the lot, in spite of me never having placed any shelves or counters there. They could not be deleted in either build or buy mode, but the lot debugger showed the option to remove them, and so I did. Once again, thank you for your help with this!

    1. Hi Meike, I'm so glad you are finding the Lot Debugger useful! It's a very handy little box. :)

  3. Val and Tina are very pretty :) and I dread uni every time :(

    1. Thanks Chrissy. I've never yet seen Don Lothario produce anything other than beautiful children.
      I kind of dread Uni but once I'm there I really get into it. I find the trick is to mix things up and keep it interesting. :)

  4. Don married Cassie in my game and took her last name :)

  5. I agree...the best thing in Uni is to keep it things maybe you have never done, or haven't done in a long time. Don't do the same thing on every lot....ect..

    1. Yeah Uni can be a blast if you think of a few new things to do. :)