Monday, 11 May 2015

Bruenig- Round 10- House 10

Welcome back to the Bruenig Household.
Residing here are Marsha Bruenig and family. Marsha's initial wishes were to get fit then eat, talk about, serve and make Grilled Cheese for someone! First wish fulfilled= Get Fit.
Marsha's husband Beau Broke. They were childhood friends and teen sweethearts so it was only natural to grow them up together.
Beau's initial wishes were to get in the zone in Nature and Music & Dance, resurrect Stella Terrano, hustle pool, earn cash and tell a joke to Carter.
First wish fulfilled- Tell Joke to Carter. (He is Beau's younger brother and Brandi's unborn son when the game first opens).
Beau & Marsha's eldest child Brie who graduated and returned home last round. She is currently expecting a baby. Initial wishes- Woohoo, Resurrect Stella, hustle pool, make a bff, meet someone new and play with a Sim.
First wish fulfilled- Meet someone new.
Brie's husband is Amin. He became the default maid after Remington, Kaylynn and Lucy all became playable characters.
He is easy on the eye but very mean. :D
Initial wishes- Get a Job in Law (LTW), toss a football, be best friends with Aldric Davis and Lowry Burb.  First wish fulfilled- toss a football.
'Twas the night before Wednesday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring.... except for dogs Buffy & Webster and possibly Brie who was going into labour!
Well gosh darnit, Grandpa Beau looks very pleased to welcome his twin Granddaughters! Say hello to Dauphin and Emme.
The twins got Brie's brother Cam's old room.
Brie found a job in the Culinary field which relates to her LTW and earned the top spot the very next day.
Beau had a wish to visit the Music & Dance hobby lot.
He won the first competition but let his wife Marsha win the second!
"ooh cake, can we eat cake? We always eat Grilled Cheese and nothing but Grilled Cheese- can we eat cake?"
Here are the troublesome twins!
The next days are spent training and mopping up after the twosome.
Beau so badly wants a puppy and it was not happening between Buffy & Webster, mainly because I forgot to check and when I did check it turns out Buffy is an elder female. :D
So when little Pepper wandered past Beau befriended her until he could adopt.
Her and Webster hit it off immediately.
Not too long after that they became very friendly.
Amin still hasn't found his job in Law so is carrying on in any old job for now. He got a big boost of points for making 5 best friends.
Poor Marsha can't find anyone to talk the cheese with. Carter is here again and playing with the kids. I mean the kids' toys.
While Marsha writes up a restaurant guide which earns her a cool 3K, Brie brings home good friend Eliza Broke from her new job in the Showbiz career.
Then Grandma and Grandpa babysit so Brie & Amin can enjoy an outing downtown where they play some games and shoot pool,
followed by some dining and dancing.
That night though an unwelcome visitor appears.
He got caught and the family are refunded the value of the stolen goods.
The whole family is happy when Dijon the puppy is born.
Marsha is just happy that she found Nova Goth loved to talk the cheese!
Beau is a great Grandpa and loves spending time with the toddlers.
In fact he and Marsha both retired so they could spend more time at home.
Which paid off when the girls grew up well on Saturday night.
Their first fulfilled wishes were to jump rope and give love to Buffy.
A big boost of points when Amin became Bff's with one of his daughters.
Sunday is family day! Beau invited Dustin and Carter and their families along.
They all enjoy dancing and catching up, meeting those Sims they haven't yet been acquainted with and generally making merry,
before Marsha serves up her trademark dish of Grilled Cheese!
What a great week at the Bruenig's. I was sure that round 9 would be the last time we saw the 3 Broke 'boys' together but happy that I was wrong and that they made it through round 10! Beau and Marsha are currently 75 days old.
Ending wishes,
Beau- Get in the zone in Nature, Dauphin and Emme get A+'s, see a wolf, hustle pool and buy a piano.
Marsha- Be best friends with Lucy Broke, talk about grilled cheese, influence a sim to make grilled cheese, eat grilled cheese, serve grilled cheese and have a sim eat grilled cheese.
Brie- Be best friends with Mario Caliente, be in the zone in Music and Dance, be bff's with Eliza Broke, win a dance contest, have a party and buy a modular synthesiser.
Amin- Have a party, make a bff, get a job in Law, be best friends with Bigfoot.
Dauphin- Tell an inside joke, be bff's with Emme, get level 7 mechanical skill, play catch with Brie.
Emme- Be bff's with Dauphin, tell an inside joke, get level 7 logic skill, and be swung around by Marsha.


  1. I was thinking the same thing whether they would make to end of the week. Glad they did. Must be all those wishes that you get for them.

    1. Yes Peachy I think you are right there, :)

  2. A great round, and great morning read for my first mug of coffee before I leave for work :-)
    Love the overall colour theme of your "Grilled Cheese" house, and your naming of babies.
    Family days are the best, aren't they! One simply has to make sure there are enough toilets in the house (and not even that always means traffic jams can be avoided, he he).

    1. I have one half bath downstairs and 2 upstairs and there does tend to be a little traffic on the stairs, :D
      I had great fun decorating the house in 'cheesey' colours and have tried to stick with that for the Bruenig family too, :)

  3. The twins are beautiful and love the names :)
    PS. Awesome house :)

  4. Gosh am I so far behind on this blog? I had to keep clicking "Older Post" to find where I was in my reading! I noticed the shape of the cheesy house but didn't catch on to the colors. How funny! Yes busy houses with parties are the most fun!