Sunday, 17 May 2015

Goth (2)- Round 10- House 11

Welcome back to the second Goth Household. Residing here is Samantha Goth and her family. Let's check out her family tree;

Samantha was the eldest child of Cassandra and Nicholas, and sister to twins Hans & Campbell. She married Lucas (Burb- son of John & Jennifer and brother to Lucy) and they had twins Cass & Nova, as well as 'almost-twilight' babies Amelia & Connie, largely thanks to Risky Woohoo. :D

Cass moved elsewhere after graduation. Also here are dogs Jack, Jill & Smudge.

Initial wishes are;

Samantha- sell masterpiece/ woohoo/ hustle/ meet someone new/ earn money/ see a ghost.

Lucas- give gift/ woohoo in the hot tub/ woohoo in bed/ meet someone new.

Nova- earn a silver restocking badge/ win best of the best award/ have a level 8 business/ tell inside joke/ get a good review/ see ghost.

Amelia- A+ report card/ make a friend/ hula dance/ give love to Jack.

Connie- Be snuggled/ played with/talked to and grow up well.
Samantha and Lucas enjoy fulfilling their woohoo wishes, even though it's winter they know how to keep warm.
Amelia brought home not only an A+ but also one of the Bruenig twins to play with and befriend.
Although I have to say I'm not sure how sensible this is, in fact rather an oversight on EA's part that they didn't have the water wiggler 'freeze' during Wintertime!  Not that I'm complaining as all 3 dogs love and use it regularly and aren't too fond of sharing it with the humans. Smudge looks rather indignant here don't you think?
Connie gets tucked in by her dad after hugs and tickles. This is actually the upstairs landing but has doubled up as a nursery for now.
Nova opens his produce market and it seems the winter has followed him here. It doesn't affect his business in any way though.
He earns the holy grail of Shopkeepers' everywhere when he's given a top notch award,
Which gives a boost to business and he reaches another daily wish.
As if that wasn't enough he earned another big wish for the day when he learnt how to restock a little faster.
Back home and we see a rare visitor to the lot.
Nova got invited Downtown and chose to meet up at the 50's diner.
He had fun catching up with his old college buddies.
Don't you just love it when your Sims smustle in sync?!
Of course few trips Downtown go completely smoothly and Randy Butler is the latest townie to be bitten by the Countess.
Brandi Le Tourneau and the Countess are always fighting. Although, 'Brandi did you just see what happened to Randy?!'
Nova rolled a wish to flirt and as Nancy was his highest relationship on the lot he went for it.
Next thing he wanted to ask her on a date and all sorts of shenanigans happened!
Really Nova, did you think this through?
I guess not.
I must obey my Sims wishes. :D
Moving swiftly home Nova asked Nancy to move in and bingo!
Meet the new Mrs Goth! Nancy (nee Wendland) is a Popularity Sim who brought 19,000 simoleons to the house. Her LTW is to become Mayor. She is 10 outgoing and has a reasonable range of skills.
On the note of LTW's, Nova wishes to become The Law but is yet to find his career. Marrying Nancy did help him max his Lifetime Achievements and so he decided to celebrate.
He took Nancy on a lovely honeymoon to Twikkii Island.
They enjoyed the sun, sea, sand, had adventures, explored and enjoyed lots of romantic moments.
On their arrival back home Connie grew into a child. Her initial wishes were to be bff's with Nova/ have homework help/ make a friend and buy a birdcage.
As Amelia had left her homework on the desk Grandpa Lucas helped Connie with her homework.
Nancy found her job in Politics fairly early on and soon had reaped the reward.
The Goth's said a sad farewell to Jill who died at age 33 on Thursday.
Nova headed back to the market to earn another rank for his business.
"What the...?"
Oh yes, it's Harry Oldie-Hanby changing into his werewolf form at 8pm. No-one seemed to freak out much.
Nova finally earned his Gold Register badge. To be honest though there doesn't seem much difference between Silver and Gold, both being equally fast but they are a million times better than no badge or Bronze!
On Friday Smudge and Jack died of old age at 34.
Almost everyone in the house rolled for a new puppy and so little Dijon arrived from the adoption pool.
Amelia became a teenager and rolled Fortune. Her initial wishes were to get into private school/ earn a scholarship/ earn some money and buy some new clothes.
The whole family head to a community lot. This was a lot that I found somewhere on the internet. It's all built but you have to furnish it yourself. I have a mixture of shopping areas, pool table, restaurant and Jacuzzi/bathroom.
 Amelia loves her new look. She also buys a mobile phone as all young entrepreneur's do.
Everyone finds something to do or someone to talk to.
Nancy got a nice boost of aspiration points for making lots of best friends.
Nova finally found his career in Law on Saturday.
Amelia high-fived the Headmaster and gave him a tour.
Nova made a sparkly supper and it ensured both Amelia and Connie's entry into private school.
Meanwhile Samantha greeted little Sheba the stray dog.
After a little bit of attention Samantha decided to welcome Sheba into the family.
Nova fulfilled another big wish on Sunday,
and an even bigger wish fulfilled when the last gold star secured him a level 10 business!
The week ends as it began, with Samantha & Lucas canoodling in the garden. It's good too to see Sheba nuzzling little Dijon. I wonder if they will produce puppies of their own later on or will the game consider them related now I wonder?
One error I noticed is that during the Terrano's round I mentioned that Nancy was of course married to Nova now.  I'd played this lot before I blogged the Terrano's and therefore confused myself. :D
Another great week although it felt like Winter would never end! I did have a few bugs and crashes but I saved often so never lost much play.
It wasn't my intention to focus the main attention on Nova but the game often plays itself doesn't it? :)
Ending wishes,
Samantha, Have a good reputation/ blog about Nature/ Win a dance contest/ Ask a sim on a date.
Lucas, Sell a masterpiece/ Harry is cured of Lycanthropy/ Harry howls/ become a werewolf/ Amelia gets a scholarship/ see a wolf.
Nova- Make juice/ see a wolf/ become 'The Law'/ buy a vacation home/ buy a community lot/ get a kitten or puppy.
Nancy- Have party/ have 30 best friends/ ask sim on a date/ Harry is cured of Lycanthropy.
Amelia- Ask David (Ottomas) on a date/ go to college/ buy a car/ buy a bar worth 1,000 simoloens.
Connie- Be friends with Sheba/ reach level 5 cooking skill/ be friends with Belinda/ get a puppy.
The next house on the list is the Miguel family.


  1. Great round, great read! What's Amelia's LTW?
    Every time I read on someone else's blog of a trip to a community lot, I resolve to send my Sims to community lots more often. But as soon as I start playing, I forget about it and just stick to the home lot. Maybe next time I'll remember!

    1. Thanks Meike. Oops my mistake, Amelia's LTW is to become a City Planner.
      I tend to go to Community lots when Sims wish for it, and that does seem to be quite often!

  2. sometimes it takes too long for my pc to go a community lot and you just want to play so it is easier to stay at home. I like the family tree picture. I like see the ancestors.

    1. Thanks Peachy, I shall try and do family trees more often now we are moving generations. :)
      I'm lucky that I have a high spec pc so don't get drag on the lots. :)

  3. Amelia is so pretty :) and when are u gonna put family photos up again? :D

  4. One of my favorite things about this game is when a vamp would bite someone, unplanned on my part. So fun. Had that all over the place in Prosperity Falls. Woo a level ten business! So much fun to see the stars keep flying!

    1. Hi Wen, nice to see you :)
      Yeah it's nice for things to happen in the game that you have no control over. :)
      I always dread businesses a bit but they are fun once you get into them.