Sunday, 14 June 2015

Miguel- Round 10- House 12

Welcome back to the Miguel Family. A recap from Round 9
Here is their Pleasantview home,
Let's have a reminder who lives here;-
Sophie and Ripley Miguel. Ripley is the alien daughter of Darren Dreamer and Sophie was the original track-suited teen townie. They are exceptionally good witches.
Alvin Gregory. (His Mother was ex-maid Lucy Hanby, she adopted Alvin). Alvin's wife is Melanie Gregory, a former Secret Society member. Their son Damian just returned home from college and is receiving fishing tips from his dad.
 Youngest son Graham is still at high school.
Damian got engaged in college to Adriana Corsillo and his first wish upon returning home was to 'flirt'. He invited his fiancée Adriana over and she moved in.
Her initial wish was to buy new clothes and they enjoyed a date on a community lot where several wishes were fulfilled.
Then the whole family head to St Simius of Pleasantview for a community wedding party.
Damian & Adriana say their vows in the packed out church,
Pose for photographs,
Then enjoy the after dinner speeches and wedding cake,
Followed by their first lively dance together as man and wife.
Upon checking their wishes I learnt that married life was all it took for Damian to reach his Lifetime Permanent Platinum marker.
Adriana is a Knowledge Sim with a Lifetime want to become a Prestidigitator, she brought 4,000 simoleons to the household.

Damian is a Fortune Sim with a wish to become an Education Minister. He found his job immediately in the Education field and Adriana's wishes all revolved around finding a job so she took one in the Oceanography field as Entertainment was not available.
Like all newlyweds they wished to go on a honeymoon so packed their bags and went off to the Far East.
They stayed in this lovely hotel.
Damian learnt to use chopsticks,
Adriana relaxed in the pool,
They both learnt to teleport.
Things got rather steamy in the sauna,
The honeymoon was peaceful and relaxing.
They returned a little earlier than planned as Adriana was not feeling well.
Graham finished up high school and scholarships and went off to college.
Graham missed his Mother's birthday but she aged up well.
At dinner Adriana showed the reason behind her mystery honeymoon illness when she announced her pregnancy.
Sophie & Ripley's wishes mainly fall around casting spells, dancing, hiking and hustling pool.
The most-used spell is to summon the spectral servant so they can get free cleaning. :D
They also love to teleport themselves all over the house and it's handy as they are on the top floor which saves them having to use the stairs.
Mungo is the family pet. Alvin attends to him when he's not tending his garden.
Sophie wished to throw an anniversary party. She invited Lucas Burb, Campbell Goth, Blossom Moonbeam and several other old friends.
Lifetime want achieved.
Their keepsake photograph.
Flashback of their wedding photo. Still smiling after all those years together. :)
Damian wanted to adopt an animal and so Tiffany joined the family.
Every time my back is turned Damian is riding the electro dance sphere. He got abducted as a teen but so far has ridden without disappearing.
It only took a shift or two for Damian to earn his Lifetime want.
Lowry Burb thinks this family is nuts with their celebrating upon returning home from work. They all are Family Sims first or secondary.
Ripley- I just sold a novel about aliens.
Adriana- I just made a grilled cheese sandwich. ok, you win.
Adriana got fired for playing games at work and letting the sea lice escape. Pregnancy brain!
Melanie- I'm freezing out here, freezing! I don't even like gardening, I like playing my guitar or watching tv. I don't want to garden and you can't make me!
Damian- Woooo! It's a baby!
Alvin- Woooo! It's a baby!
Welcome to baby boy Ethan.  I already hate the name.
Alvin- My first Grandchild was born. I want 6 you know brother.
Harry Oldie-Hanby - You should tell those two plantsim sons you have. Must go off and howl at the moon. 
 Lots of wishes fulfilled when Ethan celebrates his toddler birthday.
Dad Damian teaches him to talk.
Grandma Melanie teaches him to walk.
Mum Adriana teaches him to potty.
and Grandpa Alvin teaches him a nursery rhyme.
All Sims wished to do the training so I was just following their commands.
Ripley greeted Samantha Goth as she walked by.
Another day, another bunch of friends coming home from work. Here are Samantha Ottomos and Ivy Goth watching the incessant cheering.
The week ends with a new arrival. Tiffany and Mungo hit it off really well and produced their first puppy, Ruby.
Alvin later invites his plantsim sons Thorn & Frond over to see if he can't drop some hints about babies!
It's not my favourite house to play but like all good wishes families' they present their own stories as we go along.
I haven't used the Church in ages so thought a wedding there would be fun. The only thing you can't do is pre-book a honeymoon or the taxi arrives literally as soon as the wedding service is over and I like to do the cake and dancing, etc as authentically as possible.
You can also invite Sims to the community lot when you are there as long as you have a cell phone.
Sims that are already on the lot will come to the wedding when you click on the arch so there are always a few guests.
To decide on a honeymoon destination I rolled a dice using these numbers;
1 & 4= Twikkii Island
2 & 5= Far East
3 & 6= Mountains.
Number 5 was rolled so the Far East was the winner.
It took ages for Adriana to learn to teleport and had it not been a wish I would have given up. The Ninja kept disappearing every time she went near him. I'm sure I had a hack to stop that happening but can't remember where it is. She prevailed in the end.
Also I forgot that although I have taken 'Risky Woohoo in bed' out of the game I left it in for public woohoo and cars. The sauna it seems is considered 'public woohoo' but that's a chance I took. :)
Baby Ethan- have you ever named a Sim then instantly regretted it? It happens. :)
Next we are visiting Alvin's plantsim sons Thorn and Frond- we'll see if they want to have babies, or if they have their own ideas! Last I remember they were enemies so it shouldn't be dull!


  1. It was a fun, action-packed time at this household! I've never played a wedding on a community lot but think I will give it a try. Although, come to think of it, I guess I'll have to set things up first; as far as I now, there is no Maxis-made community lot with a wedding arch, is there?
    What's so bad about the name Ethan? You (and the kid) will get used to it :-)
    So far, there is only one Sim in my game who can teleport... But it really is a useful ability, especially at those large mansion-style houses, so it is about time I send a few more Sims on a Far-Eastern holiday!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. :)
      There is no Maxis-made wedding lot. St.Simius is my own creation.

      Yes I feel I've overused 'Ethan', it was my founding Legacy Sims name now I think about it.

      I do love the ability to teleport- you can do it through meditation also but it takes forever and your Sim has to be meditating in order to do it if I remember correctly.

  2. Very packed house, i have never used a wedding on a lot outside their home yet. I don't think there is a maxi-lot with a wedding arch. Perhaps we will both have to make a church or something similar. I quite like the name Ethan.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, :)
      I have St.Simius on file if either of you would like it.

  3. If it comes without CC, yes, please!

  4. Another great busy house. No other way to play TS2!