Sunday, 26 July 2015

Verne Broke- Round 10- House 14

Welcome back to Verne Broke's house. He lives in the old Caliente house which he modified to his liking.
Verne is the alien son of ex-maid Remington who married Brandi Broke.
Verne had a twin called Jules who sadly perished in a house fire.
Verne lives here with his wife Lucy who was his college sweetheart.
As morning breaks they both get inheritance. Verne receives funds from his dad Remington and Alexander (Goth) Pleasant. Lucy gets money from Alexander (Goth) Pleasant, Stella Terrano and Angela Pleasant.
Verne enjoys his pancakes after a heavy morning jogging session.
Lucy finally found a job in Science. Her LTW is to become a Mad Scientist after all. She starts as a Lab Assistant and gets a promotion the first day.
Verne is working towards his LTW to become Captain Hero. He celebrates that day's promotion to Police Chief.
They decide to take the celebrations downtown when invited out by Jordan the Diva.
Francis J Worthington lll (in blue) joins the outing as the newest graduate in Pleasantview.
They have fun bowling,
and finish off with a nice dinner.
The next day Verne becomes Captain Hero.
As both Verne and Lucy's hobby is Science they take themselves off to the Aspirational Laboratories' hobby lot.
They meet the head of the Lab who is called Jace. Verne spends lots of time with Jace as for some while he has wished to be 'in the zone' in this hobby.
Once back home Verne becomes an avid stargazer. He is intrigued about his 'other' family but as yet has not been whisked off to meet them.
Lucy is working hard on skills to get her next promotion using her husband's career reward to gain a cleaning skill or two.
Verne has several days off and is already bored so jumps at a chance for a new career when offered by townie Linda Barthelet.
He invited Linda into his home and also asked Jace to come over where they spent a pleasant afternoon getting to know one another.
Lucy got a promotion to Science Teacher and brought Vivian Hollmo home with her.
Verne asked his new friend Francis J over and they spent an afternoon watching movies and chatting.
He got in the zone later that day whilst stargazing with Lucy.
 (I only stargaze until they see a shooting star as per their wishes and keep my fingers crossed that they aren't hit by a falling satellite!).
Another day and another outing for Verne! He's a popular Sim in the 'hood.
He's not much of a dancer, choosing to break free from dance when instructed but enjoyed making some new contacts and catching up with old ones.
Lucy isn't yet in the zone but has maxed her logic skill.
One of Verne's newest friends is Frond Gregory, the only plantsim/vampire in Pleasantview. He'll only come over after dark of course.
On Saturday Verne got a demotion from a chance card yet he still celebrates his return from work.
An hour or so later his house got burgled.
Thankfully the Pleasantview Police were on the ball and soon had the suspect in custody.
Poor Verne was more upset about his demotion.
On Sunday Lucy celebrated becoming a Scholar by treating herself to a small modification,
"let it work, let it work"...
 Yes! Just a small modification to her lips- nice and subtle. (maybe Hollywood should get one of these?!).
 Verne got over his disappointment of demotion by going out for the morning to Lucy's Cup of the World internet cafĂ© where he met up with old friend and former owner Lucy Burb and made some new contacts too.
 He bought Lucy a cup of coffee and they enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours catching up.
I like how Amin Bruenig and Aidan Bigfoot have become best friends with no interaction from me, :D
 One of Verne's big wishes for the day was to become best friends with Francis J.
Lucy spent the afternoon catching up with friends on the telephone,
 and later that evening Verne's remaining family, half-sister Eliza Broke and her husband Adam came over for dinner.
A great week here at Verne's. Very social! I think I don't often enough blog how many visits and friendships my sims make so this was a nice change.
Once again I was trying for the facial modifying machine to go wrong but it never works when you want it to!
Ending wishes,
Verne, Make a best friend, make a best friend forever, go on holiday, see a wolf, play with Francis J, talk to Francis J.
Lucy- Be in the zone in Science, gain a skill, stargaze, blog about Science, be best friends with Phoebe, see a shooting star.
The next family to visit is Marco Lothario, coming soon!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Uni Update- Round 10

We're just a few houses away from the end of Round 10 so it's time to drop back into the dorm at Uni.
Tina Lothario- Family Sim with a Lifetime wish to be a Celebrity Chef chats to fellow Family Sim Morgan Goth. He wishes to reach his Golden Anniversary and became engaged to Professor Ally Timbrell last time around.
Val Lothario- twin sister to Tina (both of whom are offspring of Kaylynn (ex maid) and Don Lothario). Val's a Pleasure Sim with a lifetime wish to be a Professional Party Guest.
Her main wish has been to have 10 first dates, this is number 9.
A new Freshman joined the dorms in the shape of Graham Gregory. He is a Pleasure Sim with a lifetime wish to become a Game Designer.
He soon befriended his college room mates by cooking Crepes for them.
Tina is in love with Francis J Worthington lll, her main wishes are to garden, dance and meet new people. Walking by is Greek House resident Matthew Hart who is happily greeted.
Val's ex lovers Mayhew and Holden still fight every time they are in the same room.
Val roots for Mayhew this time around.
She lost interest in them ages ago though and going out for a dinner date with her Professor earned her 10 first dates.
But not the best service!
Meanwhile Graham threw a sports party and invited his dorm mates' younger siblings- both Kaydon Lothario and Mardy Goth are also his friends of course.
Which led to Graham being whisked away in a limo later that night to join the Secret Society.
He soon impressed the members enough to earn the title 'Big Sim on Campus'.
The next day Val finished college for good.
She threw a graduation party and a good time was had by all.
Val earned a 4.0 in Philosophy.
Tina decided against a party and went off straight after her sister.
She also gained a 4.0 in Philosophy.
Morgan too graduated and gained a 4.0 in Literature.
Both Morgan and Val went to join the 'spares' household while Tina remained for now in the sim bin.
Over at Francis J Worthington lll's house and he made a best friend. Although his bio said he wanted to be alone I ignored that knowing he'll need lots of friends later in life. :D
He too is a Big Sim on Campus and enjoyed a free meal at the Secret Society house whenever he got a chance.
It's not all about fun though and Francis J had to work hard on some skills.
Was it really the now deceased Alexander Goth who last sat in that particular chair?!
Before long Francis could create masterpiece paintings.
All too soon graduation day was here. Francis J gained a 4.0 in Economics.
He had a fun party and emptied the contents of his house into his inventory.
Then he moved into his own house in Pleasantview where Tina Lothario joined him.
They will join the end of this round so we'll see them very soon!
Next up we're visiting Verne Broke's house.