Monday, 6 July 2015

Gregory, Round 10- House 13

Welcome to The Gregory household.
This is the home of PlantSims Frond & Thorn Gregory.
Their father is Alvin Hanby, son of ex-maid Lucy Hanby.
Frond- Knowledge Sim. LTW= Become Hand of Poseidon.
Thorn- Popularity Sim. LTW= Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends.
This is what I opened the lot to find. Last round you might remember they both had flings with Goopy Gilscarbo. Thorn broke off his bro~mance with Goopy soon after owing to the fact that the pair of them were caught fooling around by Frond.
Frond heads to work as a Deep Sea Fisherman. A chance card later that day earned him promotion to Protector of Whales.
Thorn is in the Law Enforcement career and got a promotion as well. He brought home a friend in  Marco Lothario.
He loves to play pranks with pollen clouds.
Frond invited Goopy over for a celebration of his own but got a bit fed up of Goopy talking on and on about his alien twin babies.
At work the next day a chance card saw Frond get demoted. I guess he should have spent less time hot-tubbing and more time studying up.
He wished to have a date and invited Andrea Hogan over. They had some fun playing marco polo, catch and finished off with a spot of (bad) karaoke. Well Andrea was bad!
It was a good date and the next day she wrote him a love letter.
and even left a gift. A lamp?
 Fun times.
Thorn got promoted to Police Chief and bought his cousin Sally Oldie-Hanby home.
He wanted to celebrate his promotion with a party. Guests included Sally, Matthew Picaso, Jan Tellerman, Cyd Roseland and Marco Lothario.
Thorn wished to flirt and it took him just one flirtation to fall in love with Jan!
Frond avoided his brother by staying out on the balcony making a new friend.
He also enjoyed a little hot tub action with Andrea Hogan.
The party wasn't without conflict of course and Frond gave Thorn a slap for hogging the karaoke all night and making him stay out in the cold. Well it was his choice really but when they fight at least one of them makes up stories!
 Thankfully the party ended successfully.
Frond bought Ivy (Copur) Goth home from work the next day and they chatted about the random snowstorm. Winter isn't as officially over as they thought.
Thorn became the latest Captain Hero of Pleasantview.
Whilst Thorn was at work Frond decided to take Andrea on another date.
To a cemetery? Weird choice. (Frond did wish to see a ghost).
Ivy was there though and her and Frond made best friends which gave the date score a nice boost.
Didn't see any ghosts though.
They left Gothier Green Lawns after dark and drove to the Botanical restaurant.
They enjoyed a nice dinner followed by some photo booth woohoo.
Frond suddenly had the urge to get engaged and Andrea readily accepted.
The next day the brothers were amicably fishing before Thorn flew to work. Spring seems to be repairing their relationship a little.
Frond caught a fish for supper. He just needs an oven to cook it now. :D
After work Thorn was invited on a date by Jan. They enjoyed a quiet but fun date and were waiting for a taxi to take them home when the Countess Beverly arrived.
Thorn had just proposed to Jan and they were telling the Countess their news when...
suddenly Vito Caliente walked by and the Countess picked him to be her next victim.
Meanwhile back home Andrea had popped over to leave another gift for Frond after a date.
Yay, a hot tub. So much better than a lamp!
Thorn had rolled a wish to get married and so went straight from the park to the local church.
He and Jan had a quiet evening wedding. Although he and Frond were slowly recovering their relationship he didn't want any fights to spoil the moment so didn't invite his brother.
They enjoyed their after dinner wedding cake.  Jan bought 3K to the household. As she'd just claimed inheritance from Don Lothario, Magnus Caliente and Cassandra Goth that was probably the 3K! She also has a Gold badge in Sewing and a scattering of skills.
Jan is a Romance Sim (uhoh) with a Lifetime Want to have 6 Grandchildren!
Seems like a conflict of interests!
They returned home for some fun in the hot tub and were more than a little crept out by visitors of Matthew Picaso and Adam Broke peering down on them.
As Jan is human a second floor was added for bedrooms.
Frond was very cross at Thorn for not inviting him to the wedding.
Thorn begged for his brother's forgiveness.
They had a quiet evening of skilling and chatting. Although Thorn is the popularity Sim he wanted to gain a skill which turned out to be the last he needed.
After a midnight swim Thorn invited his vampire friend Komei over. He had an idea of how to impress his brother.
Knowledge loving Frond had wished to become a vampire after all....
and Komei made that wish come true.
Frond is the first Vampire/Plantsim in Pleasantview.
It's interesting to see the different skintones now. Frond's tone is more 'alien'-like I think.
A fun round! I had intended for both plantsims to produce some plant babies to help their Dad's LTW of having 6 grandchildren but I stuck to their wishes rather than mine. Although Frond dated and is engaged to Andrea he has yet to show wishes for marriage.
Will Frond's Plantsim need for daylight conflict with his Vampire hatred of the sun?
Will Thorn keep his Romance loving wife Jan happy?
Will any of them have babies and obtain their Father's LTW for him?
We will find out next time!


  1. Oh my, such love triangles and drama! Ready for romance, these two, aren't they - no matter who with :-)
    I've never had a Plantsim turned Vampire before, but I imagine it is difficult to keep his needs up; the only way is probably to have artificial sun lamps everywhere in the house and keep the Vampire constantly underneath those lamps when he is awake.
    Hopefully, there will be babies so that Goopy can be happy!
    Fun to learn that Jan Tellerman has a Gold Sewing badge... I knew townies have skills and jobs and stuff in their inventory, but didn't know about talent badges.

    1. I think Townies are given random skills, badges and jobs. Their skills aren't as high as NPC's but some are pretty good. (You can ask Sims what skills they have and they say things like 'I'm pretty good at... or I'm very good at...' which gives you an idea if you need to influence them to cook for example).
      I once made Pascal Curious' first child an alien/zombie/vampire/plantsim and he coped pretty well if I recall just needing one energizer a day to stay happy. I don't think he could go outside though. :D
      I've never played Jan before so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

  2. what a conundrum a plantsim is now a vampire sim. I wonder how that we turn out. Hopefully somebody will have some babies somewhere.

    1. Yes I'm looking forward to playing this lot again now. I wonder if Frond had a plantbaby if it would inherit his plantsim or alien skintone!

  3. I like playing Jan. I played her in my Fellowship I hood. Woo got a plantsim/vamp! I find them hard to play. yeah, ya gotta make Frond have a baby...we wanna see the skintone (says ASimWen's geneticist side!)

    1. PS Love the Plantsim house on stilts!

    2. It's a long way until we're back here but I think a baby for Frond is on the cards. :D