Friday, 24 July 2015

Uni Update- Round 10

We're just a few houses away from the end of Round 10 so it's time to drop back into the dorm at Uni.
Tina Lothario- Family Sim with a Lifetime wish to be a Celebrity Chef chats to fellow Family Sim Morgan Goth. He wishes to reach his Golden Anniversary and became engaged to Professor Ally Timbrell last time around.
Val Lothario- twin sister to Tina (both of whom are offspring of Kaylynn (ex maid) and Don Lothario). Val's a Pleasure Sim with a lifetime wish to be a Professional Party Guest.
Her main wish has been to have 10 first dates, this is number 9.
A new Freshman joined the dorms in the shape of Graham Gregory. He is a Pleasure Sim with a lifetime wish to become a Game Designer.
He soon befriended his college room mates by cooking Crepes for them.
Tina is in love with Francis J Worthington lll, her main wishes are to garden, dance and meet new people. Walking by is Greek House resident Matthew Hart who is happily greeted.
Val's ex lovers Mayhew and Holden still fight every time they are in the same room.
Val roots for Mayhew this time around.
She lost interest in them ages ago though and going out for a dinner date with her Professor earned her 10 first dates.
But not the best service!
Meanwhile Graham threw a sports party and invited his dorm mates' younger siblings- both Kaydon Lothario and Mardy Goth are also his friends of course.
Which led to Graham being whisked away in a limo later that night to join the Secret Society.
He soon impressed the members enough to earn the title 'Big Sim on Campus'.
The next day Val finished college for good.
She threw a graduation party and a good time was had by all.
Val earned a 4.0 in Philosophy.
Tina decided against a party and went off straight after her sister.
She also gained a 4.0 in Philosophy.
Morgan too graduated and gained a 4.0 in Literature.
Both Morgan and Val went to join the 'spares' household while Tina remained for now in the sim bin.
Over at Francis J Worthington lll's house and he made a best friend. Although his bio said he wanted to be alone I ignored that knowing he'll need lots of friends later in life. :D
He too is a Big Sim on Campus and enjoyed a free meal at the Secret Society house whenever he got a chance.
It's not all about fun though and Francis J had to work hard on some skills.
Was it really the now deceased Alexander Goth who last sat in that particular chair?!
Before long Francis could create masterpiece paintings.
All too soon graduation day was here. Francis J gained a 4.0 in Economics.
He had a fun party and emptied the contents of his house into his inventory.
Then he moved into his own house in Pleasantview where Tina Lothario joined him.
They will join the end of this round so we'll see them very soon!
Next up we're visiting Verne Broke's house.


  1. A fun round, and the name Kaydon made me smile :-) So while his date gets accidentally her dinner thrown at her, the professor is so enthralled with the menue that he does not notice what's happening!

    I only have two more days to play at my current household (Lavender Greenman and her husband Geoff, former Rutherford), but we have family visiting and I am out most nights to spend time with them and don't get to play much at the moment.

  2. It does get hard to keep thinking of original names. ;) Yes typical man thinking only of his stomach. :D
    I haven't had a lot of time myself lately but I think most of us are like that in the finer months, out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine! Have a great visit and I look forward to reading all about it on your blog. :)

    1. I'm afraid there won't be much - if anything - about it on my blog; my cousin and her son (they originally live in Nizza/Nice on the Côte d'Azur) are staying with my sister, so whenever we meet, my sister is there, too. And she hates me taking pictures every time the family do something together, and does not want to have all our special occasions posted on my blog... She's a very private person.

    2. I completely understand, enjoy your visits with your family! :)

  3. a lively update. Lots of graduations and new houses to play. Yes more of us out in the sun (well not in the uk not a lot of sun at the moment). But i still have time to play.

    1. Quite so Peachy, I'm in the UK too and the weather has not been great these past few days. Still it's dry today so I'm off to the park but hope to have another update later or tomorrow. :)

  4. Hasn't it been hot in the UK? Here in the Chicago area we are having hot days, but it stays nice an cool at night. I can turn off the air conditioning and sleep with my windows open. Nice Uni update.....hate the drudgery of Uni but can't beat the benefits! I love letting my sims make the decision whether or not to go compared to the Prosperity challenge where you feel like you need to send them all to get the points!

  5. I think we had Summer in May/June Wen! It's been touch and go since then, a few nice days here and there which is a typical British summer really (2 sunny days and a thunderstorm!).
    I also like the option to be able to send Sims when they choose rather than out of necessity. :)