Monday, 10 August 2015

Marco Lothario- Round 10- House 15

Welcome back to Marco Lothario's,
Marco is engaged to Cass Goth and they moved in here last round.
Marco is a twin with Juan and is one of 6 children born to Kaylynn & Don. Don of course had Donny after a fling with Lucy Burb.
Cass is also a twin with her brother Nova.  The Goth's are also linked with the Lothario's through Juan being married to Wednesday Goth.
Two dogs are also in the family; Curly,
and Alegra.  They had 3 puppies last time.
Marco had them go into the adoption pool should someone else have a want to raise lots of puppies.
You can just about make out their heads in the snow!
On Tuesday Cass became The Law and is greeted by her newly promoted Captain Hero husband Marco.
Marco threw a pool party to celebrate their promotions.
Hey it wasn't snowing when he sent the invites!
They braved the cold and warmed up with some dancing.
The snow disappeared again and they all headed for some fun in the pool.
Before resident spoilsport Demi Love broke up the party.
On Wednesday Cass got fired thanks to a chance card but she didn't let it spoil her week.
She enjoyed a date with her husband to lift her mood and spent time with 3 new puppies, Itsy, Bitsy & Bob.
Then found a job in the Science field. She started as a Top Secret Researcher on Thursday.
The puppies were sent off for adoption later that day.
Cass and Marco wished to visit a community lot and went to buy some new clothes and spent several fun hours trying on things and chatting with Sims.
Which inspired more wishes for a party so on Friday Marco had their old college buddies over.

Until Officer Dorian broke up the party.
On Saturday a single puppy, Cassie was born.
Marco decided to have some fun in the water wiggler.
Maybe a bit too much fun as he couldn't get rid of the water spurting from his shorts!
Cass had a wish to buy a vacation home and used most of their funds to buy it.
She had a wish to throw a sports party and so invited lots of friends.
Watching tv turned to dancing and the party went on until 2am without being broken up!
On Sunday Cass rolled the wish to visit her vacation home and a nanny was called to babysit the dogs.
The first nanny turned up, muttered something about no kids being on the lot and got straight back into her car, but another came just after which was a relief.
Here is Cass & Marco's holiday villa.
They got a nice plot on the beach.
A friendly local came by and joined them for lunch.
Feel the burn!
Marco wanted to have a date with Cass and they got all dressed up. After dinner he enjoyed larking about walking the plank...
He nearly went over the edge!
A sudden wish to be married popped up and so he proposed right there on the beach.
What a lovely spot.
The new Mr & Mrs Lothario.
They spent the rest of their honeymoon seeing the sights, meeting the locals and left with nice tans and memories.
Back home they couldn't wait to share the news with all their family so invited everyone over for dinner to round off the week.
I love playing this house and this couple who just love parties. Their wishes revolve mainly around that, and their dogs. Curly now has a job while Alegra is staying at home waiting for more puppies to arrive.
I've no idea what triggers the police being called to break up the party, I thought it was the lateness of the hour but after the 2am party finish I guess not!
Next up is the 'Spares' house.


  1. What a romantic wedding!!
    I was wondering about the breaking up of parties, too. As you say, it can't be the time. Maybe it is the number of guests? Or the number of guests combined with time, plus some random factor thrown in for good measure? You never know with Maxis :-D
    The family trees at the start of the post were very useful. It was a great read, and the water spurting from the shorts made me laugh out loud!

    1. Yes a beach wedding is romantic isn't it? :)
      I can't figure it out with the parties and the police, it must just be random.
      I think now the original Sims are passing on it's a good reminder to put a family tree up, if I remember!

  2. i have never had a cop broke up one of my parties but i don't have too many so. Perhaps i should try having more.

    1. Yes parties are a great way to build friendships as well as being fun. With a Popularity and a Pleasure Sim in this house one or other of them wishes for a party almost every day!

  3. Don's son marrying Cassandra's granddaughter. I love it.

    I don't take my sims on vacations enough due to the hassle factor. Not even when they roll the wish. I need to work on that.

    Great as always.

    1. I always enjoy vacations and find them pretty chilled but I did make a few lots that contain almost everything they need to get their memories before they relax and do their own thing which saves them visiting a ton of lots.

      Yeah Don and Cassandra never married in any variations of my Pleasantview plays over the years although they've had kids together so it seemed fitting to get a couple of their relatives together!