Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Moonbeam- Round 10- House 17.

Welcome to the first new house of the round and it belongs to Blossom Moonbeam.
Blossom is a Family Sim with a Lifetime Want to become a Celebrity Chef. She worked hard on badges in college and is hoping to gain Gold in both Floristry and Gardening.
This is her fiancĂ© Cam. His parents are Beau (Broke) & Marsha Bruenig.  Cam is a Family Sim and has a Lifetime Want to be a Space Pirate.
I've always thought of Blossom as a bit of a hippy even though I've never played her and while Cam talks fondly of school memories Blossom wonders how to decorate her new home.
Aldric Hanby stopped by for a visit. He, Blossom & Cam shared a dorm in college if you remember.
The Spare room is turned into the hobby room where Cam works on some new formal outfits whilst Blossom makes some floral decorations.
The occasion?
It's their wedding day! They throw an outdoor party and invite lots of friends as well as Cam's family.
They enjoy a good dinner with plenty of dancing afterwards.
Not forgetting their photographs of course.
Blossom has a vision of brightening up her bedroom now that Cam has handmade some lovely curtains.
Ta Da! A quick wallpaper change makes the room bright but cosy.
Cam is a neat sim, he's always cleaning and polishing without being directed.
Blossom wishes to get a cat or dog and greets a walkby wolf.
Then she sets about digging in the yard for treasure whilst a rather inappropriately dressed (or undressed) Cam sits to have a chat with the postlady Dagmar.
Later that night they both had wishes for a honeymoon and so off they go.
They visit the Mountains and stay at Three Lakes Campsite, cheap and cheerful. They set up at the lake for a spot of fishing. But where are the fish?
oh, they are in the road outside the campgrounds. :D
They head to a community lot for a spot of log rolling where they take turns dunking each other in the water.
The Locals are friendly but the other tourists not so much!
Back at the campgrounds the fish have once again reappeared in their rightful place!
Cam enjoys a freshly toasted marshmallow.
At another community lot he poses with a bear.
Before he and Blossom have a romantic rendezvous in their tent.
The next day he took Blossom to see the bear and they got picked up some souvenirs and bought some warmer clothes.
Then took them all off for a steamy session in the sauna.
Cam got a massage while Blossom soaked in the hot springs.
They spent their last night telling campfire stories with the other tourists.
 One last romantic hug at the campgrounds whilst waiting for the taxi home.
On Thursday Cam found a job in the Adventurer career.
Blossom began her career in the Culinary field before the wedding and is currently an Executive Chef.
She decided to work on her Gardening badge more and started a garden.
On Friday Cam got promoted to Space Pirate,
and Blossom got pregnant! I'm thinking it was the Sauna- :D
Cam's latest promotion gave Blossom the chance to decorate her dining area.
A few days at home preparing for the baby gave Blossom time to finish her Floristry badge.
She also adopted Bailey the wolf.
He needs to be taught a few lessons. :)
Before you know it the week is over and very late on Sunday night (11.20pm) Blossom went into labour.
She gave birth to their son, Zac.
What a fun week with the Moonbeam's! I love it when a house practically plays itself. They did wish for the honeymoon and I do love a vacation. :)
Ending wishes,
Cam- see a wolf, buy a guitar, be best friends with Sebastian and Joy, play with and talk to a relative.
Blossom- plant a seed, catch fireflies, give a gift to Cam, win a cooking competition, get Gold Gardening badge and talk to a relative.
My plan is for Blossom to have a wolf pack of her own but Bailey is not a very friendly wolf and is enemies with most other wolves in the 'hood that I've seen so far. Hopefully next time he'll find some friendlier females!
On a side note all the wallpapers and (some) floors you see are from The Sims Life Stories- someone kindly converted them all for The Sims 2. :)

Monday, 14 September 2015

The Spares- Round 10- House 16

Welcome to The Spares household.
The house has been extended upwards a floor as Fuller Goth has been joined by 3 other Sims this round.
Here's Fuller- he reached his LTW to become a Celebrity Chef last round and is looking to become The Law next.
 Hayley Hanby (daughter of Christy & Harry, Grandchild of Lucy (ex-maid).
Hayley's LTW is to become a Space Pirate.
Val Lothario, child of Don & Kaylynn (ex-maid).
Val wishes to be a Professional Party Guest.
Morgan Goth- son of Hans & Ivy and Grandson of Cassandra.
Morgan is also the younger brother of Fuller.
Morgan is a family sim and his LTW is to reach his Golden Anniversary.
Morgan has a Gold Badge in Sewing as you can probably tell from his awful choice of custom suit.
As he is already engaged and has a wish to marry (so much for the 'spares' household), he invited his fiancée over.
 Professor Ally Kimbrell is Morgan's new wife. To save confusion with the other Goth's I had Morgan take Ally's surname.
 New Mother-in-Law Ivy Goth doesn't seem impressed by her Son's new bride.
 She heads inside and enjoys dancing with her brother-in-law Campbell, twins Val & Tina Lothario and snappily dressed Francis J Worthington.
 The happy couple pose for a photo.
Professor Ally is also a Family Sim with a LTW to become an Education Minister. She found her career the very next day.
Since their wedding both Prof Ally & Morgan wish to have a baby.
 Morgan took a job in the Architectural career and Fuller has become The Law. Second LTW achieved. His 3rd is to become a Media Magnate.
 Hayley found her job in the Adventurer career on Wednesday. She starts on Thursday. Her dad comes over during the day for a visit when he's at his least scary. (He's a werewolf if you remember).
 She also fights off Lilith Dreamer who comes to bully whenever anyone looks through the telescope during daylight hours.
Val is all about fun and outings and has a good time at the local bowling alley when she sings a rowdy song with friends.
She takes a goofy picture with Matthew Picaso.
and enjoys a good old smustle with Lowry Burb.
The other members of the house are quite studious with skilling.
The career rewards are put to good use.
Fuller took a job in the Natural Science career until Journalism is available.
Professor Ally is now pregnant. She brought home Amin Bruenig from work. 
Someone threw a party and Hayley had fun catching up with her twin sister Sally. Her Mother Christy is in the background along with Aldric Hanby, Sally's husband).
Hayley has never shown interest in getting married but she enjoys a bit of fun with her old dormie friend Seth.

Meanwhile downstairs as the party is in full swing Val falls in love with local slob Zaitrarrio Miller.
Her wishes change to wanting to marry him!
well.... in for a penny. :D
Val takes her new husband's surname, as we have a lot of Lothario's and she is a 'spare'.
Things get off to a tricky start when she lectures him the next morning. She was having a leisurely shower when Zaitrarrio ran the bath which made the shower turn freezing cold! (always makes me laugh). :D
Fuller has had his share of ladies but also hasn't found 'The One'. He enjoys flirting with the local barmaid when he's out and about though.
On Thursday baby Kiki joins the family.
(I considered moving The Kimbrell's out to a new home but stopped myself)!
Just as well Morgan hit the top of his career with a new baby and a full household to help fund.
Zaitrarrio wishes to be a Celebrity Chef and was already in that career. Fuller gets another promotion.
Later on that day Fuller greeted a walkby who immediately networked him a date.
Carla Reamon from Twikkii Island appeared and Fuller fell in love with her.
So much so that his wishes to marry her never went away during the date!
So the family came over and a third wedding was celebrated in this household!
hmm, it seems that Val has fallen back in love with old flame Campbell Goth- let's hope her new husband isn't around!
Fuller and his new wife Carla retreat to their bedroom after the party. Thankfully there are now 8 sims in the house and so no more babies can be born!
Carla is a Popularity Sim with a lifetime wish to have 20 best friends.
Little Kiki turns toddler.
Zaitrarrio is all about friends and constantly is on the phone or pc talking to people.
Infact he and his new bride fight over the use of the pc.
Another day, another hour wasted while family sim Morgan comes home and celebrates the fact.
Zaitrarrio just looks baffled by it all doesn't he?
 Sunday is family day. The visits are split throughout the day as there are so many sims to invite. Val's family come over, quickly followed by The Goth's.
It's a full house with all the relatives in it!
Here's the family at the end of the week. (not quite so 'spare').
Yeah- things don't turn out the way you plan when you are obeying 'wishes' do they?
Hayley is the only one uninterested in long term love and just as well now that little Kiki is here.
Other points,
Val finds her job in the Slacker career on Saturday.
Morgan gained his LTAA after his promotion to top of career.
Professor Ally is now a University Guest Lecturer. (Her bookcase reward is coming in very handy).
Carla bought 12K to the family when she moved in.
Zaitrarrio bought 28 simoleons!
Hayley started a garden.
Fuller (already) wants to make out with his barmaid friend- I wonder if his marriage will last?!
There are 3 more households this round. Blossom Moonbeam being the next we'll read about.