Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Moonbeam- Round 10- House 17.

Welcome to the first new house of the round and it belongs to Blossom Moonbeam.
Blossom is a Family Sim with a Lifetime Want to become a Celebrity Chef. She worked hard on badges in college and is hoping to gain Gold in both Floristry and Gardening.
This is her fianc√© Cam. His parents are Beau (Broke) & Marsha Bruenig.  Cam is a Family Sim and has a Lifetime Want to be a Space Pirate.
I've always thought of Blossom as a bit of a hippy even though I've never played her and while Cam talks fondly of school memories Blossom wonders how to decorate her new home.
Aldric Hanby stopped by for a visit. He, Blossom & Cam shared a dorm in college if you remember.
The Spare room is turned into the hobby room where Cam works on some new formal outfits whilst Blossom makes some floral decorations.
The occasion?
It's their wedding day! They throw an outdoor party and invite lots of friends as well as Cam's family.
They enjoy a good dinner with plenty of dancing afterwards.
Not forgetting their photographs of course.
Blossom has a vision of brightening up her bedroom now that Cam has handmade some lovely curtains.
Ta Da! A quick wallpaper change makes the room bright but cosy.
Cam is a neat sim, he's always cleaning and polishing without being directed.
Blossom wishes to get a cat or dog and greets a walkby wolf.
Then she sets about digging in the yard for treasure whilst a rather inappropriately dressed (or undressed) Cam sits to have a chat with the postlady Dagmar.
Later that night they both had wishes for a honeymoon and so off they go.
They visit the Mountains and stay at Three Lakes Campsite, cheap and cheerful. They set up at the lake for a spot of fishing. But where are the fish?
oh, they are in the road outside the campgrounds. :D
They head to a community lot for a spot of log rolling where they take turns dunking each other in the water.
The Locals are friendly but the other tourists not so much!
Back at the campgrounds the fish have once again reappeared in their rightful place!
Cam enjoys a freshly toasted marshmallow.
At another community lot he poses with a bear.
Before he and Blossom have a romantic rendezvous in their tent.
The next day he took Blossom to see the bear and they got picked up some souvenirs and bought some warmer clothes.
Then took them all off for a steamy session in the sauna.
Cam got a massage while Blossom soaked in the hot springs.
They spent their last night telling campfire stories with the other tourists.
 One last romantic hug at the campgrounds whilst waiting for the taxi home.
On Thursday Cam found a job in the Adventurer career.
Blossom began her career in the Culinary field before the wedding and is currently an Executive Chef.
She decided to work on her Gardening badge more and started a garden.
On Friday Cam got promoted to Space Pirate,
and Blossom got pregnant! I'm thinking it was the Sauna- :D
Cam's latest promotion gave Blossom the chance to decorate her dining area.
A few days at home preparing for the baby gave Blossom time to finish her Floristry badge.
She also adopted Bailey the wolf.
He needs to be taught a few lessons. :)
Before you know it the week is over and very late on Sunday night (11.20pm) Blossom went into labour.
She gave birth to their son, Zac.
What a fun week with the Moonbeam's! I love it when a house practically plays itself. They did wish for the honeymoon and I do love a vacation. :)
Ending wishes,
Cam- see a wolf, buy a guitar, be best friends with Sebastian and Joy, play with and talk to a relative.
Blossom- plant a seed, catch fireflies, give a gift to Cam, win a cooking competition, get Gold Gardening badge and talk to a relative.
My plan is for Blossom to have a wolf pack of her own but Bailey is not a very friendly wolf and is enemies with most other wolves in the 'hood that I've seen so far. Hopefully next time he'll find some friendlier females!
On a side note all the wallpapers and (some) floors you see are from The Sims Life Stories- someone kindly converted them all for The Sims 2. :)


  1. I was going to remark on the nice wallpapers and floors; especially the dining area is very nice. Where can I download them? Seeing as they are actually Maxis-originals, I would not really be breaking my "no CC"-rule with them :-)

    It was a very nice read, and Blossom is so well suited for gardening and floristry, isn't she! The honeymoon was fun, too; I really should play vacations more...

    1. Do you know I can't recall where I downloaded them from but as luck would have it I have them on file, I'll email them to you. :)
      Yes I think Blossom suits all things flowery. I'd love to read more vacation stories from you. :)

  2. I was just thinking the same thing as Librarian, where can we download them please. I like playing Blossom usually i put her with Jared Starchild cos that names sounds kinda hippy too. But she is on her own.

    1. Can I email them to you too Peachy? I tried locating the whereabouts from the file names but came up with nothing. I just need an addy. :)

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