Saturday, 24 October 2015

Lothario- Round 11- House 1

Welcome to Round 11 here in Pleasantview.
We begin at the Lothario House.
Don of course is no longer with us but his wife Kaylynn, former maid is still here. She and Don had 6 children together and Kaylynn's Life Time Wish is to see all 6 of them get married!
During the course of the last round Kaylynn saw eldest son Juan get engaged, his twin Marco got married and Kaylynn's elder two daughters Val and Tina both also got married- Tina just recently (and secretly) to Francis J Worthington lll.
Two daughters still remain. Kaydon who is a Fortune Sim with a lifetime wish to become a Prestidigitator and Celeste- who is a Knowledge Sim with a lifetime wish to become a World Class Ballet Dancer.
Both have college wishes and are working hard on skills for scholarships.
Although it's the first day of Spring a freak snowstorm gives a welcome snow day.
The girls amuse themselves singing karaoke together- for most of the day.
When Kaylynn gets home from work Kaydon asks permission to go out with Charlie Oldie-Hanby.
Kaylynn invited her new son-in-law Francis J Worthington lll over and he bought policeman Ramin Centowski with him.
Hmm, bit odd for Kaylynn to be having those thoughts about her son-in-law!
Still dinner was good and they all got on famously. Kaylynn didn't realise how late it was until Kaydon got back at midnight from her night out.
In fact they were enjoying themselves so much they didn't even notice when Celeste got abducted whilst stargazing on the roof but all worried incessantly for a short time upon her return.
After her guests had gone home the rarely tired Kaylynn taught her little cat Bonkers his last needed skill for promotion- to play dead.
The next day Kaydon invited her big brother Juan over.
All the Lothario's love to dance.
Celeste had more romantic things on her mind. Although she's a Knowledge sim she comes with a hardy second helping of Romance like her dear old dad.
Alvin is the first person to steal her kisses.
Kaydon spent some time at the telescope but didn't get abducted like her sister. She was happy to max the skill though.
Kaylynn had the urge to ask Donny Burb on a date. Technically Donny is Kaylynn's stepson (Don had an assignation with Lucy Burb when she was still single and Donny is the result).
Personally I think Donny looks so much like Don that Kaylynn just can't let go. :D
Yeah it's a bit ewww.
...and like all good Romance Sims once Donny had got a nice aspiration boost for woohooing 10 sims (It was in his date wishes) he fired off.
Kaylynn enjoyed showing off her spinning skills on the ice rink before heading home.
The next day Kaydon finds herself on the receiving end of the birds and bees talk.
"Not 'the talk!".
Well she is heading to college so hopefully she will have listened to her Mother!
Here she is settling into her new dorm. The other playable here at present is Graham Gregory (Grandson of Lucy Hanby- ex maid).
Meanwhile back at home Celeste finds Orlando to be a nice kissing partner for the day.
Kaylynn celebrates with earning 50K and becoming Chief of Staff.
Later that night a burglar came to steal Kaylynn's car.
Even though the alarm was going off no one woke up and he was apprehended by Demi Love.
Talking of love and Kaylynn makes herself a nice strawberry drink before making a call...
Oh dear. When Ramin arrived as per Kaylynn's wish she kissed him. Celeste is not happy about her Mother having a new man.
"oh my god he's kissing her, I should phone the police!
.... oh wait.... !"
Realising that the Police were already here she headed upstairs to max another skill.
The next day after tidying up the garden Celeste invited Alon the paperboy over, he brought a friend in the shape of Randy (London) Dreamer with him.
"Mwahh!", that's Celeste's daily wish for a kiss done.
Celeste spent some time chatting with Randy before saying goodbye and going off to her teen job.
Just as well she didn't come inside the house!
Even though Kaylynn has wished for many dates with Ramin she never rolled the wish to marry him. She did roll the wish to marry Donny Burb whilst dating Ramin but that would be too weird. :D
Unfortunately Kaylynn timed her goodbye to Ramin just as Celeste came home from work.
The next morning Celeste drank a few skills and made a phone call.
"Mother, I'm off to college!".
She got a new haircut and settled in while Graham told her the rules of the dorm.
That night Kaylynn went to bed in an empty house for the very first time since she moved in here.
Will she be alone forever or will one of the girls come home after college?
Will she find love?
Will she stop fantasizing about her son-in-law or worse her step-son, and what does she see in Officer Ramin?! :D
The game was running really slowly last round so I decided to cull some things- such as photo's. Upon opening the storytelling folder for the 'hood I found it to be 493MB large- heh. I copied it all to a separate folder and deleted it all from the game- it certainly loads a lot faster and I have the files saved for if I need them again.
A great week here at The Lothario's. Kaylynn actually did earn her Lifetime Platinum Achievement so got permanent platinum without reaching her Lifetime wish. I'll still try for it though. I'd forgotten that Juan wasn't married so shall rectify that hopefully when I get to the Goth's house.
Both Kaydon & Celeste had almost permanent wishes for college and even though they occasionally rolled away they came straight back.
When Celeste found Kaylynn kissing Ramin her relationship with her Mother took a real nosedive but several smartglasses interactions brought it back up in no time.
Kaylynn's ending wishes- Be best friends with Troy, be bff's with Ramin, make juice and be flirted with.


  1. Another great morning coffee read for me, thank you!!
    The scene when Celeste thinks about phoning the police when Ramin kisses her mother made me laugh :-)
    Kaylynn's feelings seem to be rather tangled and confused; I hope for her that she'll find love again, just maybe not with either her son-in-law or her step-son...

    As soon as I have finished uploading a chapter to my blog, I delete the contents of the storytelling folder, every time. The photos are (sort of) backed up on my blog, and if the blog should stop working one day, then I'll have of course lost all the pictures... but I can live with that risk.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, :)
      Kaylynn only wishes to marry Donny so far. I'll have to get her a date with the matchmaker next time and see who appears. :)

      I upload my photos to an image hosting site (Photobucket) to use on my blog rather than going directly through Blogger which I never got the hang of so at least I won't lose those.

      I'll have to delete a few photo's in frames that I took in game as I don't have the pictures in the game folder now but I shall definitely clear the folder more often (The oldest photo in that album was from early Round 9 which shows me how many photos I actually take) :D

  2. Kaylynn romancing her sort of stepson/son-in-law is a bit eww. Lots of things happening. Abduction and romance all over the place.

    1. Yeah it was definitely a bit ewww. Still it was her wishes :D
      I've always associated the Lothario house with Romance so it's good to see it continuing even without Don!

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  4. Hey the girls are quite pretty! And Kaylynn, Kaylynn we don't know what to do with you. Can't wait for more :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Don does sire attractive children I think :)
      We will see what Kaylynn gets up to next time!

  5. Replies
    1. I'm currently half way through the Goth's week but also have a busy week ahead at work so it might be a week or so :)