Sunday, 4 October 2015

Williamson- Round 10- House 18

Joining this round are William Williamson & friends.
They moved into this house I took from Veronaville and modified to suit.
William Williamson- Fortune- LTW= Become Head of SCIA.
Almeric Davis- Popularity- LTW= Have 20 simultaneous pet best friends.
Klara Vonderstein- Knowledge- LTW= be a World Class Ballet Dancer.
Erin Wren- Family- LTW= Become an Education Minister.
The welcome wagon consisted of Dream1E Dreamer the Servo, Julien Cooke and Trisha Traveller.
Almeric also took time out to meet and greet the post lady Dagmar Bertino.
Klara always wishes to skill and here she is maxing one of them.
Erin found her job in Education immediately and set about enhancing her skills for promotion.
Erin was a secret society member who got eaten by the cowplant at the members' home. She was brought back to life (sort of) as a zombie as the funds were severely limited at the time.
Almeric starts to work towards his almost impossible goal of 20 pet best friends. He hasn't got a job and isn't likely to as this will take a long time.
William has a secondary aspiration of Romance and as such the Pleasantview women all swoon at the sight of him. He flirted outrageously with Kaylynn Lothario during Monday night's outing even though he and Erin have been an item since college.
The next day Erin drove everyone to a community lot in her truck.
Several wishes for new clothes popped up and I was happy to get them out of their post-Uni change of clothes.
Looks like William has found someone else he quite likes the look of...
Erin wastes no time in reminding him that they are 'together'.
As is often the case with shopping trips with boys they quickly got bored and waited while the girls had their shopping and chatting spree.
On Wednesday morning Almeric took Dagmar on their first date Downtown.
This guy (who copycatted Almeric's outfit) has been 'cold' for many rounds. I wonder if he'll ever warm back up?!
Back home and Almeric happily sells a masterpiece while Klara works on one of her own.
William and Erin go in for a classic dance to boost William's mood before he heads off to work. Erin wanders around the back to plant a seed in the garden when he leaves.
Almeric really fancied Crepes Suzette but it all went horribly wrong.
At this juncture I sat back and let the drama unfold.
Almeric- Well I might not be able to cook but hey I sold a masterpiece.
Klara- I'm on fire!
Erin- me too!
Almeric- uhoh
As darkness fell so the Grim Reaper appeared.
William- Wow what a day! I earned my LTW and am now the Head of the SCIA after just a couple of shifts. College is awesome. Wait until I tell the guys...
William- um, guys?
Sadly, Klara, Erin & Almeric all perished in the fire. :(
The next day in true Sim style, William had got over his loss and bought a new kitchen.
He wished to date and so invited college buddy Melanie Reamon out for dinner.
William- how about me and you? My old friends left me loads of money when they died and we could be happy together.
Melanie- If I stare at the menu enough maybe he'll stop talking.
Melanie- well now we've done 'that' I'm convinced that I actually do love you.
Back home and William wasted no time in proposing.
He invited his new best buddy Randy Dreamer over to share the good news.
Melanie moved in with 8K.  Fortune Sim- LTW= Earn 100K.
Initial wishes were to get a job in Athletic career, Criminal career or Business career, earn money, earn 100 simoleons and buy a sculpture. She's outgoing and active and got some inheritance from her old college buddy Angela Pleasant.
She raided the wardrobe and found a nice outfit.
William hired a much wished for Butler. Meet Zion Bransfield.
Butlers really are a waste of time aren't they? He never cooks. William influenced him to but he just kept saying 'There aren't enough of this fish in the inventory'.
When Melanie tried influencing him he made a salad.
He does the general cleaning and the garden but that's it so far.
Melanie picked the Athletic career and got promoted bringing home a friend George Kramer. (Former lover of Nina Caliente and father to her son Rico, who sadly died in a college fire).
On Saturday night Melanie got a group of friends together and they went for an outing.
To St. Simius of Pleasantview for Melanie & William's wedding party!
Totally un co-ordinated but that's spontaneity for you.
The Unsavoury Character was on the lot at the time and happily joined the guests for dinner (which I've never seen).
It did leave Cam Moonbeam and Juan Lothario wondering if he was on the side of the bride or groom.
Melanie was happy when on Sunday she got promoted to All Star.
She can reap the reward of this career reward.
William gave up waiting for Zion to cook and made a Baked Alaska for Sunday lunch.
Klara's ghost appeared for the first time on Sunday night. 
But William and Melanie didn't get scared by her so got dressed up and went for a night out to Club 'H' in Pleasantview to round the week off.

Quite a dramatic turn of events mid-week which was very hard for me to not interfere but I decided to sit back and let events unfold.
William and Melanie getting together wasn't a plan either, it was William's wishes and that's what I like about this style of play is that my plans are very often not theirs. :D
Other news, William got a new job in the Artist career- I decided to put his degree to good use. He starts on Monday.
He learnt Physiology.
He always wants outings and dates.
Melanie- always wants to buy stuff!
Ending wishes,
William- be bff's with Randy/ sell a masterpiece/ make out with 5 sims (that Romance gene again!), Be bf's with Zion/ Ask a Sim on a date/ Classic dance with Melanie.
Melanie- Buy a Sauna/ Ask a Sim on a date/ Classic dance with William/ Buy a vacation home/ max body skill/ get a Promotion.
Last house of Round 10 to follow soon. :)


  1. Taking a little hint from from somebody other blog just see what happens. I do sometimes like to just step back and see the drama, but from playing sims all these years now when I decorate I always put in a smoke alarm. I still haven't received the file for the life sim stories download you still need my email address?

    1. Peachy, I'm so sorry you didn't get the file! I definitely sent it. Yes please pop your email address here again and I'll re-send (and delete the message for your privacy).

      One of the first TS2 challenges I ever did was a 'hands off the keyboard for 30 sim days' challenge. It was very hard not to interfere at Sims stupidity. :D
      I do tend to micromanage but with the Wishes style of play I wait until they wish for a fire alarm until I buy one (and they never wish for one until there has been a fire). heh.

  2. Dramatic indeed! And as you say, in true Sims style, William got over it very quickly... the new kitchen looks good!
    I've never seen the Unsavoury Charlatan do anything else than "greet" Sims (and pickpocket them at the same time), so that was really interesting. The wedding at St. Simius reminded me that I still haven't played on this community lot yet!

    1. Occasionally I've seen the Unsavoury Charlatan at vacation community lots and I've seen him join in a game of Mahjong but he's never sat down to eat and socialise before!

      It was odd as William never got any memory of his friends' dying. I assume because they died when he was off the lot. This lot has played very slowly and I hope it's just the lot (if so I will move them next round). I will find out later today when I play the last house in this round!

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