Monday, 30 November 2015

Goth- Round 11- House 2

Welcome back to the Goth Household. Complete with its 'burning tree' glitch.

Living here are the twin sons of Cassandra Goth, Campbell & Hans. 

Hans' wife Ivy (nee Copur- townie) and one of their sons, Mardy.
Hans & Ivy had 4 children, twins Wednesday & Fuller, then Morgan and finally Mardy.
Morgan & Fuller live in the 'Spares' household which we visited here

Here is Wednesday with her fiancé Juan Lothario- son of Don Lothario & Kaylynn Langerak and like his wife, a twin.

The little alien child is Pluto Goth, born to Campbell after an abduction.

Finishing off the household line up is Gale Goth (yes I was watching The Hunger Games at the time :D)
He is the child of Wednesday & Juan and Great, Great-Grandson of Mortimer Goth which makes him the first 5th Generation child in Pleasantview.

The Leader of the Pack just walked in the house and started growling at everyone until Hans chased him off.

After the Lothario round I was reminded that Kaylynn has a wish to marry off 6 children and so I had Wednesday and Juan get married. (Juan helped her reach number 4).
A little glitch here- Juan was cuddling Gale at the time that Wednesday clicked on the wedding arch and although he dropped his arms he never put Gale down, had I known that was going to happen I'd have put Gale in a suit. :D
It seems Kaylynn isn't the only Mother who wants her kids' to marry- Ivy too had a wish to see Wednesday get married and got a nice boost of aspiration points when it happened.
I bet all the guests feet are freezing buried in that snow :)
After the wedding everyone settled back into Sim life. Mardy became a high achiever when he reached the top of his teen career. He is a Romance Sim with a lifetime wish to have 20 Simultaneous Loves. (eeek!) So I locked his college wish long ago as it'll be easier to do it there.
Though he hasn't worn his wizard robes in some time Hans still enjoys brewing potions, making ornaments and casting the odd spell here and there.
All adults and Elders are still working as the Elders haven't yet reached their 70th birthdays. (My self-imposed rule is to have them retire at 70 unless it's for a LTW they are working on).
I forget which career Ivy is in but her colleagues come home in some odd outfits. Adventurer maybe?
Juan reached the top of his career (Slacker) and has been perma platinum for a while.

Juan and Wednesday are very easy to keep happy. They start their day by chatting, entertaining, playing, admiring and dancing. Then with their wishes fulfilled they please themselves mostly.
Eternal bachelor and pleasure loving Campbell still enjoys dating. Jessie Pilferson from college is actually engaged to Campbell. I guess he had the wish way back when although never wanted to get married.
He even went out with someone in his own age group!
He and Tina Santander had a lovely date.
After the date ended though poor Tina got set upon by both Mario Caliente and Leaf Terrano.
I've no idea what all that was about!
Campbell's son Pluto gets an A+.
I was going to move Campbell to the Senior Residence this round but it'll be next round now after Pluto grows up.
It's birthday time for little Gale.
He gets a makeover with new glasses.
You may remember that since I added a basement the original ghosts are all coming in the house now, sometimes as many as 3 ghosts a night.
I had Wednesday send them off to the local Cemetery.
I did keep Mortimer, Cassandra and Nicholas' gravestones though.
Nicholas is probably my favourite ghost as he does all the cleaning and bed making when he comes out!
Free maid, love it.
Ah yes I kept Audrey's ghost too. You may remember she dated Campbell and never left the house afterwards, then got eaten by the cowplant.
Wednesday may be wishing she'd sent Audrey off too. :D
Pluto, like his Uncle Hans is a Nature lover and helps out in the garden whenever he can.
Gale is into studying at the moment, he really wished to learn Physiology.
Ivy wished to serve up dinner, but her burnt offerings of Lobster didn't look too great.
Gale tried hard to please his Grandmother by eating it and hoped she didn't notice him gagging after every mouthful.
The family had a fun outing at the Baliwood Star Lanes.
For some reason Juan has never got along with either of his in-laws and constantly slaps them when he thinks I'm not looking.
They're such a sweet couple too.
Hans wants to adopt a pet but everytime he comes close to friendship they disappear off the lot. He (me) really wants a wolf which is why I can't buy a pet.
Even though she steals their paper practically every day both Pluto and Gale are friends with Emme Bruenig. (Grandchild of Beau (Broke) and Marsha Bruenig).
Another slap fest between Ivy and Juan.
oh dear, this one turned into a full blown attack.
But there can only be one winner.
I wonder where Wednesday is when her husband is busy picking a fight with her Mother?
Outside, chatting to the mailman.
Pluto witnessed the whole fight and was quite distraught but picked himself and his mood up enough to blow out the candles on his cake later that day.
Teenager at last.
A roll of the dice picked Family for his aspiration and he has a lifetime wish to graduate 3 kids from college.
He gets a more 'Gothy' makeover and will work hard on scholarships before he heads to college early next round.
A fun round at the Goth's, if a little slow. Getting rid of some of the tombstones helped a bit and I also deleted the burning tree as it kept knocking out build and buy mode even though the fire never went out.
I know there are a lot of sims and memories to load on the lot so I expect that's the reason it's slow but I was pleased to get my 5th Generation on the way and growing up!
Next we'll pop into College for a quick update.


  1. Wow, 5 generations of Goths already! I'm at generation 3 right now with Giselle (half-Alien daughter of Alexander Goth) the only remaining family member after everyone else has either passed away of old age or died in a fire.
    Tina Santander looks like a Campus coach. Maybe the two Sims who were so furious with her suffered under her regime at college?
    The winter wedding and your comment made me laugh - that gives the expression "to get cold feet" before getting married a new twist!
    Looking forward to see more of this interesting family, and what's going on at your Senior Residence.

    1. Haha, yes so true about the 'cold feet'!
      I can only think that maybe Tina has dated both Leaf and Mario in the past and I've forgotten about it. I guess they may have met her at someone else's party as neither of them went to college.
      Yes 5 Generations of Goth's! Mortimer's ghost never came out this round so who knows what he thinks of it all. :)