Tuesday, 1 December 2015

University Update- Round 11

Welcome to round 11 in Uni, let's see who occupies the dorm,
Part 1.
Here's Graham Gregory. Grandson of Herb Oldie & Lucy Hanby (maid).
He's a Pleasure Sim with a LTW to become a Game Designer. He's in first semester of Junior Year.
This is Kaydon Lothario, her parents are Don & Kaylynn. She's a Fortune Sim with a LTW to become a Prestidigitator.
She chooses to Major in Literature.
Celeste is the youngest member of the Lothario clan. She came to Uni with her sister.
She's a Knowledge Sim with a LTW to become a World Class Ballet Dancer.
As Kaydon gets to know her new roommate Graham I decide new round, new d├ęcor!
Yellows and blues make for a cool change.
The Kitchen is cute but let's warm it up a tad.
Bright and bold!
Of course all Sims love to dance, and Hula is the dance of preference just lately.
It would be nice for Celeste and Kaydon to join the Secret Society but there's only one member living here. Well two if you count Graham. No doubt they'll meet others.
Upstairs too gets a lick of paint and a fresh mat for the snooker table. Looks like Celeste has an admirer.
The girls call their Mum and their friends to tell them all about college life so far.
Graham ran into the Streaker. It's hard to get them to stick around long enough to engage in conversation but he managed it.
Talk about relaxed. :D
Graham found out her name was Abbey Benson and he called her up and invited her on a date.
He was a little disappointed I think when she turned up clothed, so much so that he had the urge to 'streak' himself.
The interaction obviously just works in college and as soon as he got home he ditched his clothes and streaked around the lot.
No-one was very impressed and even the Sentrybot considered zapping him I think. (But didn't).
Both Graham and Celeste are experts in Gardening and enjoy tending the college plots.
Kaydon is studying hard while secretly watching the resident enemies Holden and Mayhew starting a fight.
Graham got a love letter from Abbey.
The 3 Dormies finished their eventful semester.
Part 2,
We saw him leave his parents' house and now Mardy Goth is in college. Living in his own house (furnished by his parents).
As you remember Mardy is a Romance sim with a LTW to have 20 simultaneous loves. He headed straight to a college lot and made as many contacts as possible before he headed to class. Here he's meeting Sarah Love. Looks like she's giant steps ahead of Mardy!
Later that day he got invited Downtown by Rosemarie Day.
Sitting next to Rosemarie his group took up 2 tables. He found a few potential 'love' interests.
Rosemarie became the first.
Sarah Love his second.
D J Verse just happened to walk by and Mardy invited her in, used several 'smart glasses' and before you know it red hearts appeared.
The date went very well.
Why is it when you try to get into the Secret Society you can't and when you aren't trying it just happens? Right in the middle of a date with Lora Mace too!
No harm done. Mardy invited her back over the next day. His cheerleader friend is hanging out here, like they do, without an invitation.
Number 5 on Mardy's list is the resident Diva, Jordan Barakat.  I wonder how many Sims are/have been in love with her? It's been quite a few if I recall.
They enjoy a spot of hot tub love and I think that 5 lovers in one semester is pretty good going!
Not that that is all Mardy did. Oh no, he managed to max a skill.
He even had time to order pizza.
and enjoy a friendly game with the Cheerleader.
oh, and he made the Dean's list! :)


  1. Such eventful college days! It always seems rather boring at the dorm I have my group of students in currently.
    The "relaxed" picture with the streaker girl made me laugh :-)
    I don't think I've seen the wish to streak come up for any of my students in a very, very long time. Like the new look of the common room and eating area.
    Mardy has done very well, 5 of 20 already under his belt!

    1. I have to work hard to make college fun or it can be a bit tedious can't it? Having said that though I always enjoy playing there.
      I wonder if students have to interact with the Streaker to get the notion in their heads? It's possible that's what set Graham off. :D
      I shall enjoy playing Mardy, his college time will go by very fast I think. I could have put him in the dorm but I decided to play it safe.

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! So many fun ideas for my own Sims, too.

    1. Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.
      If you blog your stories I'd be happy to read them :)

  3. When is the next update coming, is it coming before or in the New Year?