Friday, 1 January 2016

Caliente- Round 11- House 3

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Caliente household.
Dina and Magnus are long gone of course but their sons Vito and Mario still live here.
The view from the back of the house; pool, hot springs, a pond, a greenhouse and even a tent fill this back garden.
If you remember sometime during the last round Vito got autonomously turned into a vampire so he's about to change his appearance.
Goodbye nightlife, hello life. :D
Here he is with his youngest child, Elsa.
Vito's wife Monica (Bratford) and their other children Maria and Eduardo, as well as Vito's younger brother Mario enjoy breakfast together.
Also living here are cats Liza and Darcy- Liza just had her final kitten, Charles. She will soon be an elder.
The Caliente's also adopted their aunt Nina's little dog Jake after Nina passed away.
Oh yes and there's the toy dog Goofy who was wished for during the last round.
Romance loving Mario is on a date with Jordan the Diva. I'm sure his dad dated her at some point too. Weird family.
His goal of public woohoo satisfied and a snazzy new suit to take home.
Maria enjoyed the company of Pluto Goth before she called up her scholarships and headed to college.
She joined the dorm and we'll see her soon.
Meanwhile Mario regales his nephew with tales of his conquests.
Not too appropriate given that Eduardo will soon be a hormonal teenager!
Mario settles on amusing Goofy the toy dog.
(To be honest I completely forget about the dog until I get the 'goofy is starving' message!). oops
We aren't just celebrating one birthday.
oh Arianna is out, poor thing. Remember when her and Mario set on fire here and Dina (their mother) was able to save Mario but not Arianna.
So sad. :(
Here's Elsa as a child,
Eduardo as a teen,
and Monica as an Elder.
That was quite a triple celebration!
Time for new clothes,
Elsa gets ready for Spring,
Monica looks much better,
and Eduardo is a typical teen.
He rolled Knowledge and his LTW is to become a Media Magnate.
Arianna's ghost amuses ghost cat Midnight.
The newly grown up Eduardo's first wish is to get into private school and so the Headmaster is invited over.
After a successful evening he gladly welcomes Eduardo & Elsa into private school.
Mario is off on another date.
Vito helps his daughter with her homework before school.
After school Eduardo has a dance with new friend Amelia Goth.
Uncle Mario is off again with yet another townie.
Eduardo has no chance of getting abducted if his Grandfather Magnus doesn't leave him alone.
Maybe he misses his telescope?
The maid often stays on after work and amuses the animals, which is good as I keep forgetting about them all. :D
Elsa gets an A+.
Mario is getting a date from the wishing well.
Vito still loves to sell lemonade, and think about his lovely wife,
then kiss his lovely wife.
It's the weekend and the family are off to the park.
Vito and Monica fulfill playing chess wishes whilst Mario chats up anyone new,
the youngsters head to the pond to catch fish,
Mario teaches everyone a new dance,
later on he invited Sandy Bruty on a date.
He really wanted public woohoo again but she wasn't interested.
In the car though? yep.
Weird sims. :D
Dina's ghost comes out to haunt for the night.
Eduardo got abducted and returned to see his mother and sister cheering him on. Even the animals were there to greet him.
After saying farewell to the family he joined his sister in college.
We will see them soon, and the rest of the family in the next round!
Great week at the Caliente's. It was action packed and Eduardo worked really hard to gain all his scholarships so he could join Maria in college this round.
Mario had endless dates.
Vito & Monica's wishes revolved around each other, hiking, fishing and gardening as well as Vito's daily 'sell lemonade'.
Elsa did also sell lemonade when her dad wasn't using the stand. She also gained bronze fishing.
Next time we're visiting The Broke's at their new home.