Monday, 8 February 2016

Broke- Round 11- House 4

Welcome to round 11 at the Broke house.
Living here are Eliza Broke (daughter of Brandi), her husband Adam and their son Barnabas. The family currently have 2 dogs, Skippy and her daughter Vivian and a cat, Bingley.
The Broke's moved here to a home more fitting to their growing family and funds. Both Eliza & Adam are Icons in the Showbiz career.
They'd barely hit the front porch when inheritance kicked in, and something else was kicking out!
A second son joined the family, he is named Bobby, after his great Grandfather Bob (Newbie).
Let's check out the family trees,
Eliza was the only girl born to Brandi & Remington (ex maid). Her big and much older brothers are Dustin, Beau & Carter and she has two half alien brothers, Jules & Verne who were born to her dad Remington.
Her husband Adam is the son of Angela & Alexander Pleasant.  So a Broke and a Pleasant did get together after all even if it was a generation down the line. :)
Both Family loving Eliza and her Romance oriented husband Adam are permanent platinum so I don't control them too much.
They accepted an invite downtown.
They headed to the Maple Springs Pool & Spa. Not a lot I go to much but it was a fun change. Adam met his nephew Noah and got to know him a bit.
Adam's Aunt Lilith was also there and Eliza enjoyed some lively conversation.
She had a fun game of darts too.
 Adam talked about death with Lucy Burb. I don't think old people like to talk about that so much but hey ho. :D
Adam & Eliza work a late shift so don't get to go out much at night.
Bobby became a toddler and started learning all his skills.
Even though Eliza has all her skills she can still burn the dinner.
Adam is celebrating earning 100K, his secondary aspiration of Fortune kicking in.
It looks like young Barnabas has flocks of girls at his doorstep.
Adam earned a Gold badge in Gardening.
Eliza got a big wish fulfilled when she completed her Sewing course.
Oh it's a family gathering! Dustin and Beau arrive with Beau's wife Marsha.
Followed shortly by Dustin's son Blade and Carter & Lucy Burb.
It's Barnabas' turn to become a teenager.
Barnabas rolled to become a Romance sim just like his dad. Must be a thing on the Pleasant side.   His LTW is to become a Rock God and he will be attracted to red heads wearing cologne.
He had quite a pointy chin so I thought a small beard would offset that- he's looking a bit Will Wrightish here I think.
The family love a get together and judging by the age bars of the Brothers' during the last round this may be the last time we see them all in one room.
Barnabas was thrilled with his new guitar.
He needs to improve before anyone gives him tips though!
Skippy became an elder. She had a few puppies and is descended from the line that Brandi first started to earn her own LTW of raising 20 puppies/kittens.
Romancer Barnabas brings an Island visitor home from school.
He has a wish to fall in love with Tulip Terrano, and he did, then I realised that she is his cousin. eww. :D
Moving swiftly on and Bobby jumped into childhood.
The Fortune side of Adam once again rolled a wish and that was for him to get Bobby in Private School. (He never rolled that for Barnabas).
Heh- they both got in anyway and will start at their new school on Monday.
I figured if Barnabas could skill enough for scholarships he could leave for college but the family had other ideas, going to Peerless Park where Barnabas did wish to earn a silver fishing badge.
He tried really hard with the skills,
But his wishes couldn't be ignored, and sneaking out was way more fun!
A great week here at the Broke's, it went really fast and with the family and the pets it was action packed mostly.
Barnabas will have to go into the next week before he heads to college and who knows if his younger brother skills up they may even go together if they both have the wishes.  
One thing is true and that is Eliza will become an Elder next time (she has one day left) and Adam too, (he has 3).  Eliza was broody once Bobby was born but she'll have to make do with Grandkids, if she gets any!