Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dreamer- Round 11- House 5

Welcome to Round 11 at The Dreamer's!

The Dreamer's still live at the original house, just a little modified for a bigger family now.
In residence is Lilith, her son and daughter Dean & Lyka with their respective spouses, Dream1E and Randy.
Randy's alien son, Daya and he and Lyka's daughter Deanna also live here along with Daley the cat.
With so many friends Lilith tends to get a little bored when they constantly ring.
She joins the family for breakfast while the Butler makes himself useful.
Of course Dream1E won't be outdone by the Butler and also cooks breakfast.
So much so that the fridge is permanently emptied and I decided enough is enough. Lilith is great friends with the Butler and he happily accepts his notice.

This gives Lilith time to enjoy the things she enjoys most, family and having fun.
Strangely the rest of the family are pretty studious.
Randy had a wish to get Daya into private school and so the Headmaster paid a visit.
He didn't even stop for dinner, he was so impressed.
Hmm, should I be worried that Randy is lusting after his brother-in-law's robot wife?
Dirk pays a night time visit to Lilith- does he miss her or his bed?
Randy never forgot the time he made a stash of evil kites and autonomously grabs one to take for a flight.
It never ends well for him but he never learns.
As he went off to take a shower someone attempted to steal the newspaper. Silly Marisa, who upset her I wonder?
Flashback to earlier in the day when she ate mouldy cake. Could this be the reason?
Deanna got a big boost when she made a new best friend.
A son for Lyka & Randy arrives, he's called Dandy.
Half siblings Daya & Deanna are great friends.
Ah Marisa, these silly sims never learn from their past mistakes do they?
Lilith is once more embracing having a baby in the house.

Randy & Dean (Both at the top of their respective careers) always arrive home together and always start a pillow fight. Dream1E is recharging her batteries.
Deanna gets her A+ and the children sit and get to know their youngest sibling.
Two things in life that make Lilith happy, family and fun.
 Hmm, I'm going to have to keep Randy away from his brother-in-law's wife!
It's probably because Dean has been working towards his Gold badge in sewing that Dream1E is feeling a little neglected.
Now he can go back to lavishing her with attention.
It's party time for Lilith. She's busting a move with Donny Burb. Her daughter Lily is here with her husband Blade and his dad Dustin, as well as Carter Burb (Dustin's younger brother) and Carter's wife Lucy.
Aww, it's sweet moments like this that make me love the game. :)
Poor Lilith is so tired the next day she naps while she's supposed to be watching young Dandy.
She gets back to her favourite thing when waking up- playing the bass.
Lyka is home from work and getting scared by cowplant eaten ghost Ricky Cormier who died long ago during a party.
With that I almost missed Lilith departing this world! I missed the cocktail but got there in time to see the hula girls.
Lilith was 83 days old and had a happy life filled with fun after her miserable teenage years had passed. Her life had been extended somewhat after milking the cowplant after she had wished to 'drink Phil', back in the day.
I'd forgotten she owned a beach house! (Must visit next time- how odd that it passed to Randy and not one of her actual relatives).
But life goes on and the next day young Dandy became a child,
and his brother Daya became a teen who rolled Knowledge. He wants to become a City Planner.
The week ends when Deanna becomes a teen- she rolled Fortune and wishes to earn 100K.
Her dad Randy wished to have her earn a scholarship and so she called up college. Whether she'll attend or not will be decided next time.
Whew, so long since the last update as life has been crazy.
I loved being back in Pleasantview though and was very sad to see Lilith depart this world. She spent her days dancing, playing and chatting and was a very fun loving sim after her miserable teenage years had passed.
I'm off to sunny (hopefully) Florida this weekend for my daughter's wedding next week but I hope the rest of the summer will allow me to update much more often!
Thanks for staying with me, :)


  1. Ooooh, how exciting!!! Have a great trip to and time in Florida, and all the best for your daughter and her husband!

    It's always nice to come back to our Sims, isn't it, after a longish absence... I've been playing a little this week, too, but will spend the weekend at O.K.'s and so it won't be until some time next week before my next update.
    Bye-bye, Lilith - I am glad she had such a good life after her less-than-pleasant (!) teenage years.

    1. Thanks for your wishes, we are all very excited!

      Yes real life has been busy and there never seems to be as much time. I must have used to be very lazy I think. :D

      I love the Dreamer's and although Lilith is the last 'Original' in this household I still enjoy the rest of the family.

      Have a good weekend yourself :)

  2. Have a nice time in Florida. Another Original gone but as you said she has happy life. Yeah life somehow get's busier as we all get older.

    1. Thanks Peachy, and yes that's so true.
      I still have quite a few 'Originals' left so hope to get to play them soon.

    TUESDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 2012 - THURSDAY 19TH MAY 2016!!!!!
    28/2/12 - 19/5/16!!!! (DD/MM/YY)

  4. Yes, I'm so happy you uploaded again!!