Monday, 27 June 2016

Oldie-Hanby, Round 11, House 7

Welcome to the Oldie-Hanby Household.
Lucy (Hanby, ex maid) is long gone but her son Harry is now an Elder and lives here with his wife Christy (Stratton, ex townie) who has just fulfilled her LTW by hosting a Golden Anniversary party.
Oh and Harry is a werewolf so does tend to transform at the most inopportune moments.
He tries to lighten the mood by entertaining with the fire dance, something he still has a wish locked to learn properly, and maybe he should as he constantly sets fire to himself.
Twin daughters of Harry & Christy are Sally and Hayley (who is in the blue hat) chatting with Brie Bruenig, a colleague of Sally's from the police station. (Sally's LTW is to become Captain Hero).
It is true love indeed when you can see past the faults and foibles of your loved one. :D
Also living here with Harry, Christy and Sally are Sally's husband Aldric (Davis) and their infant son Andy as well as Sally's twin brothers Charlie & Harley. Both of whom are about to head to college.
They join Graham Gregory, Celeste & Kaydon Lothario and Eduardo & Maria Caliente at the dorm where we will catch up with them later in the round.
This home houses a Mysteriously Mysterious Bookcase- a passageway to a secret room.
The room has two objects that visiting Sims are obsessed with, the ballet barre and podium which adults and children respectively never leave alone. But of course they cannot 'see' into this room and therefore never bother trying.
Sally also has her sewing machine in here and she's about to make summer outfits for the family.
Everyone looks a bit cooler in their summer clothing and a small gathering is held to witness Andy becoming a child.
He grows up successfully.
Christy loves to garden and spends all her free time tending her plots.
The cowplant stands over the allotment along with it's first and only victim, the nanny.
It was bound to happen. Poor Christy got such a shock she had a little accident and had to go and have a bath.
The last member of the family is Abbey, the dog in the collar. As she's getting on in adult years Harry decided to adopt the wolf Smokey as a mate for her.
Sally got her LTW when she became Captain Hero.
A quick check of her next LTW showed it to be reaching Rock God status. She found the job straight away and walked off to work.
She earned the promotion that shift. One day, two LTW's achieved. Her next is to reach her Golden Anniversary.
She placed her new rock guitar in her secret room. :)
Two puppies were born to Abbey & Smokey who are called Lady and Scamp.
One of the benefits to being a werewolf is that you can train a pet in record time. Harry could train Smokey in 3 skills during one night.
As Harry wished to learn to Fire Dance and both Sally & Aldric had a holiday wish locked since their marriage it was time to hire a nanny to babysit the dogs and the whole family headed off.
They arrived at the nicest hotel on the island.
After getting some sunshine (some of them a little overcooked) they went to explore the island.
Harry finally learned how to Fire Dance.
They met the locals, not all of whom were friendly (to each other).
Oh dear. Well this has been going on for 11 rounds. :D
Christy used her voodoo doll to befriend some of them.
A ravenous Harry was very surprised to see his holiday server was a vampire!
She must have special powers here as she does not burn in the sunshine.
She is very clumsy though and spilt food all over Harry twice, in a row.
They still had a lovely holiday and went home refreshed and happy.
They spent an afternoon in the park where they fished, chilled out and spoke with their neighbours.
Harry could finally perform without setting fire to his pants.
Sunday was spent skilling, using the advantages of the holiday boosts.
Christy completed all her skills while Aldric worked on his body.
He earned his promotion to Media Magnate the next shift and gained his LTW. Like his wife he wishes to become a Rock God next but as his interest is Film & Literature it seems fitting to keep him in the Journalism career.
Sally got sick. I'm hoping it's something she ate unless she got a little surprise from her holiday!

Another good week. The lot ran a little more quickly when the twins went off to college.
Harry spent most of his week getting Smokey to join the family and then training him. The two puppies are still here and I'll decide next round whether they will stay or go.
Christy is happy doing her garden and chatting with her friends. She is 71 and it doesn't look like she has much time left on her aging bar.
Sally & Aldric worked on their careers and friendships as well as hobbies.
Young Andy is enjoying skilling, he's not particularly sociable but has a few friends.
Next round we will be catching up with the Burb family.


  1. A good round, and good read :-)
    Is their house one you built or a ready-made one? I didn't recognize it.
    I must remember about the Fire Dance, and finally send someone for a holiday on Twikkii Island again!
    Sally seems to be able to sew different outfits to the one my Sims can make, that's interesting.
    A very good idea to hide those super-attractive objects away in the Secret Room!

    1. it's a Maxis house in the lots & houses bin. I think it's called Grand BV Estate.
      Some of Sally's outfits are from the normal wardrobe and the custom ones I move the colours around a bit to get something different from the standard.
      Yes I like the secret room, only don't put a baby or food in there, you won't get them out without move_objects, :D

  2. Lovely to see some people go on holiday i don't think i have gotten anyone to learn the fire dance. Another thing on the list i must try in the sims 2 (but have never got round to it.

    1. Yes I do love vacations, Twikkii Island is my favourite but all destinations have fun things to offer.
      The Fire Dance does take a while to learn which is why I usually give up, but it's a nice memory in their holiday book as well as being a fun way for them to entertain Sims.

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  4. I loved this challenge! Im sad you stopped :/

  5. Thanks so much, I haven't stopped, just haven't had time to play for a while but I promise to resume soon! :)