Sunday, 19 June 2016

Pleasant- Round 11- House 6

Welcome to Round 11 at the Pleasant house,
The house is still the same layout with a few additions to the garden and decor.

Noah Pleasant is the 'heir'. Here is his family tree,

His Grandmother was Angela Pleasant and his mother was crushed by a satellite.

He lives in the house with his Romance loving dad Goopy....

along with half siblings Leo & Lynx, the twin son and daughter born to Goopy after a telescope mishap sent him into space.

It's also a 'cat house' where adult cats Cypher and Jane live. Jane welcomes 3 new kittens which I send to the adoption pool. (incidentally since I've been doing this I don't think a single sim since Brandi Broke has had a LTW to raise 20 puppies or kittens!). There must be a lot of kittens and puppies in my adoption pool now. 

Tuesday sees the twins become children. I sold Angela & Alexander's double bed and replaced it with these singles. 

Doesn't seem like Great-Grandpa Daniel is impressed with the loss of the bed, even though he never slept in it. 


Goopy is working his way to becoming Captain Hero. His LTW is to have 20 simultaneous lovers. So far he's on about 6. I don't think Brie Bruenig here will be a 7th but you never know. 

His friend Alison became number 7 instead. I forgot Brie's LTW and don't want to potentially wreck it though I think she is a Popularity Sim.

Noah's turn to become an adult. Like a chip off the old block he is a Romance sim and rolled college wishes on and off but not on his birthday. 

He had an awesome party and met some new ladies. 

Then found himself a new suit. This family loves plaid. :D
Noah's LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef but until that career comes along he is staying in the Intelligence career.

He wished to date and his old flame Kaydon Lothario was first in line.

After their date he took the time to make a few new female acquaintances.

Back home he enjoyed painting and making pottery and earned the right to visit a new lot.

The twins don't bat an eyelid when their dad brings home a different woman every day of the week. Looks like Lynx is keen to grow up again.

Winter is firmly set in and Leo makes the most of a snow day by making a snow angel.

Another day, another lady and a first A+ for Lynx.

Goopy gets a new 'boy toy'. I often forget about having cars but it was his wish and it's so Goopy don't you think? 

Goopy finally gets his promotion. He brings home a new friend and a virus!

 Noah moves in on his dad's 'friend' while poor Goopy is suffering.

He found a serving of soup in the fridge and was soon back to his old self.

Number 8 I think.

As the weekend arrives Jane gives birth to what will be her final kitten as she is 3 days from Elder now. Her and Cypher have had 13 kittens together. Young William here will stay in the house and perhaps one day will meet a lady cat of his own and start a family. 

As the snow fades Lynx sells some Lemonade.

Whilst Leo belts out some songs,

and Noah finally found the Culinary career so he can pursue his LTW next time around.


A fun week here at the Pleasant house. Vying for each others girls makes it difficult to get either Noah or Goopy paired off. So far they have avoided conflict but I think it's only a matter of time now they have both had serious dates with at least 2 of the same ladies. 
Goopy will be an Elder next time I think so I wonder if he has it in him to get to 20 lovers and will Noah ever settle down and produce a Pleasant heir of his own?

Lynx is very shy but playful and nice whereas her brother is very outgoing and lazy. He brings home a friend every day while she is content to sit and do homework. Her hobby orientation is Tinkering where his is Nature so once Spring arrives he can start a garden again as it was neglected since Angela & Alex departed.

Next I'll be off to college for a round (but not necessarily an update) and then on to House number 7 which is the Oldie-Hanby household.


  1. This was a fun start into the week with my morning coffee, thank you! I've not had occasion to play in nearly a week, but have not much left to do to complete the current round in New Max.
    The screenshot of the family tree puzzles me because I can't see Angela's and Alexander's provenience (although I know them, of course). I rarely look at the family trees in my game and am therefore not sure whether we only always see three generations anyway and have to scroll to see more.

    I had to chuckle a few times at your comments and descriptions :-)

  2. The family tree can be quite a mystery to me. It often depends which Sim you are looking at to see past generations. As I was focused on Noah this is what I got.
    Since my last reformat I have to use the Sims2 Ultimate Collection which was free on Origin for a short time (I know not how to install without the Launcher) and there is only one screen size option which is not what I used to play at so I expect that makes me see less of the family tree than I have in the past.
    This neighbourhood is starting to run quite slowly now so each house takes longer to play.

  3. Lovely to see the pleasant house again, and goopy (i like goopy) not many people do but i think i like of all of the sims though. I think there is a way to see all the family tree but not sure how.

    1. Hi Peachy, thanks for stopping by. :)
      I've just found out how to change my screen size options with Ultimate Collection so going to try that shortly and see if I get a better family tree.

      I've only played Goopy one time before and that was in my Black Widow Challenge, and that didn't end well for him :D

      He's pretty easy to please though and lazy, he constantly watches TV if I'm not directing him for one second!