Monday, 24 April 2017

Burb- Round 11- House 8

Welcome to the Burb household!
We are still in round 11 and almost halfway through after a few months of absence on the player's part. ;)
Living here are Lucy Burb, her husband Carter (Broke- youngest child of Brandi (unborn when the game begins).
Also Lucy's son Donny, fathered by Don Lothario whilst she was single.
Lucy & Carter have an adult son Bradley, and an adult daughter, Lowry.
Bradley is father to young Belinda.
When I'm not controlling them Lucy & Carter are either dancing or smooching.
Donny, like his dear old dad loves a bit of Romance on the side of being a Pleasure Sim. Having obtained his LTW back in college (50 1st dates) he spends his days dating,
and more dating... 
 and playing the bass. Infact anything that is 'fun' and Donny wishes for it.
He also throws wishes for interactions with the family pet.
Lowry too is a Pleasure Sim. She enjoys dates- some go better than others.

She's really taken a liking to walkby Goopy Pleasant (formerly GilsCarbo). He is a widower if you recall and father to twin alien children.
I forgot the 'classic dance' made Sims fall in love. Goopy got a big boost of points but Lowry was rather nonchalant. She hasn't rolled wishes to take things further as yet.
Lucy of course earned her LTW when she got her 5th Business to level 10. Master of Chi is her 5th and only business that she kept. She loves to dazzle her clients..
and of course show off her impressive Tai Chi classes.
Carter greets his big brother Dustin. How long either of them have left in the 'hood is questionable. If I recall Dustin will most likely be moving on during his round when we get to his house. *aww*.
Lucy too is getting on in years and starts to pass down her business knowledge to daughter Lowry.
Belinda meanwhile spends her days earning skills as per her wishes,
and making friends.
Her dad Bradley is a bit of a dull dud, he works, brings home Dean Dreamer after work and listens to his mp3 player.

He never really got over his vampire wife's death I guess. But she's still here- in spirit. Alongside Jennifer Burb.
and John. :)
It's birthday time and Bradley threw a party for his precious daughter inviting lots of friends.

Belinda grew into quite a cutie- she's impressed with Guy Wrightley and rolls the wish to join him in college.
She rolled Romance and her LTW is to become a Prestidigitator, top of the Entertainment career.
The party swings on and all the Burb's are rockin' out. Well, slap dancing.
Lucy gives her granddaughter a birthday gift, but what is it?
We will find out next time!
Another great round at the Burb's. Lucy is now 83 and Carter 82 and they are still clinging onto life!
This family enjoy dancing and playing their instruments and well as dating.
Carter and Bradley are fond of fishing and gardening.
Will Lucy & Carter have a chance to visit Master of Chi again?
Will Donny ever settle down?
Will Bradley and Lowry become more exciting?
More importantly, will next gen Belinda head to college next time?
(I played this lot rather a while ago and had forgotten if anything much exciting happened to be honest so just winged it with the pictures).
As we are now halfway through the round the next update will be from Uni.